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Apr 24, 2008 08:01 AM

Top restaurants in Detroit

Hello all. Looking to take a friend on a tour of the top restaurants in Detroit while they are in town. Maybe a drink and an snack here, dinner there, whatever. Got some ideas of my own, but looking for recommendations of "must see/ must eat" places. Thanks.

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  1. I think a must eat is Roma Cafe, Detroit's oldest restaurant. It isn't anywhere near as amazingly fancy as the new Casino restaurants, Opus, Whitney, etc., but a lot of history there. Order a doppio after dinner and get the immediate respect of the waitstaff. The picatta I had there knocked my socks off. And the homemade ravioli and tomato sauce is excellent.

    1. Personally, I my favorite restaurants in Detroit/Metro Detroit for various reasons are: Bacco, the Michael Mina restaurants at MGM (I haven't been to Wolfgang yet), Streetside Seafood, Assaggi, Cafe Cortina, Camerons, Phoenicia, Forte, Il Posto, Rattlesnake, Redcoat Tavern, The Original Pancake House, Shiraz, Rugby Grille, Zinc, 220, Mon Jin Lau, Tribute (though they've had some changes). Amazing views can be had at Coach Insignia (not my fave otherwise) and Irridescence (haven't been there yet). Other places I've heard great things about but haven't tried yet are Slows and Flytrap. Beverly Hills Grille would be great too, especially for brunch.

      1. Okay.
        First and foremost, to the OP (downriver1): You should be able to put together a drink/snack/dinner/dinner/snack/dessert/snack of Detroit restos based upon recommendations that have appeared here over the years; I don't understand why it's hard to search on recs we've all made for what you're desiring?
        Secondly, and lastly, can someone PLEASE compile a go-to list for this question? I don't have one, and am not qualified to make one. I am just tired of seeing this question and "Slow's" every day.