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Apr 24, 2008 07:46 AM

Denver Dives

I will be staying in Denver for a couple days on my way through Colorado. I have never been and am very interesting in suggestions for places to eat. I love small, one of a kind, dive-y restaurants, and homemade food is always great. Anything cheap and interesting is good too. Any and all recommendations are appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Well, of course lots of the Mexican joints around here fit that description (some recently mentioned board favorites: El Taco de Mexico, Tacos Jalisco, Los Carboncitos). There are a number of beloved dive bars that serve food too...Satire Lounge comes to mind.
    For red sauce, there's Gennaro's:

    1. Tatamagouche named some really good dives.
      DH has been eating at Satire Lounge on E. Colfax for 30 years, back when it was still swathed in red and black velour wallpaper. Good Mexican. Especially like their sour cream enchiladas.
      A breakfast and lunch place on E. Colfax that we love is Gyro Place. Amazing breakfasts with freshly griddled hash browns. Pancakes are terrific.
      Basically my favorite "dive" streets are E. Colfax, Santa Fe south of downtown, and Larimer a little north of town.