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Apr 24, 2008 07:32 AM

Ok, so what are the options for Mother's day?

Where is everyone going? What are the good places to take Mom. Looking for good food, and good atmos. Probably Mid town area.

Do most people reserve, or just wing it?

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  1. OMG, if you want to take your mother out for Mother's Day, you MUST make a reservation. Winging it will result in driving around from place to place and being turned away at each. It's one of the busiest restaurant days of the year.

    Are you looking for breakfast, brunch/lunch or dinner? For dinner In midtown, Quince is lovely for dinner. Tabule is great, though more casual than Quince. If your mom likes seafood, Zee Grill is wonderful. I've heard good things about Mirabelle Wine Bar, but haven't been.

    Honestly, if I were you, I would celebrate Mother's Day with your mother a day early. Make Saturday all about her. You will have your pick of restaurants.

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      Brunch might be a bit tough, so I am thinking maybe an early dinner. She likes spicy food, and doesn't really go out to each that much. It would probably be either Italian or Indian. (She does not eat red meat)

      1. re: FBTO

        Then I would recommend Tabla, which is on Yonge, between Lawrence and Eglinton. Fantastic Indian food. And it's upscale enough to feel like a special dinner out. If you do a search for it on this board, you'll see that many think it's the best Indian restaurant in the city right now.

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          Let's not forget Zucca. Great Italian food with plenty of seafood offerings.

      2. Never take my mom out to resto on mother's day. Mother's day is second only to valentine's day for overpriced prix fixe menus and crowded restos. Buy some high quality steaks and cook her dinner yourself

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          Finnegan, FBTO's mom doesn't eat red meat :-)

          Last year I took mom to the brunch buffet at the Intercontinental Hotel (thanks to a tip on here), it was quite nice, wasn't crazy busy, and the atrium was bright and airy. Food was good too.

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