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Apr 24, 2008 07:15 AM

East Glacier Park '08

Having waited table for around six years by now at Serrano's, by far the most popular little restaurant on the east side of Glacier National Park, I naturally highly recommend it. Fresh salsa daily, chips fried on a daily basis, margaritas to die for---it's a must!
This year however, we have new ownership of an old restaurant in town: the Villager. It's back and you won't recognize it! It'll be great for the area this summer with new everything: the buildings been redone, new menu---everything will be very nice.
There are also two restaurant/bars I can think of in town that are currently defunct. So, if there are any savvy restauranteurs out there thinking of this gorgeous, seasonal area: Please, come help little EG with more great places to dine in the future.
Viva EGP!!!

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  1. Technically this location fits under 'Elsewhere in America'. However, there the few threads about Idaho, Montana and Alaska get lost among all the Hawaii discussion. Geographically it is closer to Calgary in the West Canada section., though I suppose most vistors come from eastern parts of the US.


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      It is indeed a unique location. Thank you for recognizing that. It doesn't really seem to fit in with anything to the east of it. It simply isn't Canadian. The closest associations we have here are really with the Flathead Valley. Situated in northwest MT, which also seems to find association most readily with the Pacific Northwest. I certainly cannot speak for everyone, but once you've been here (not simply passed through), I think you'd see what I mean. My apologies for the possible mistake in category.

    2. Yes, Serrano was wonderful, we had a fantastic dining experience from the homemade chips to the tasty magaritas to buffalo tacos (where else could you get that?).

      Just to clarify Studelstein above, based on this statement, "this year however, we have new ownership of an old restaurant in town" I thought the owners og Serrano acquired the Villager. That is not the case. The food at the Villager is very good but the restaurant is under different ownership.

      Other places to try in east glacier are The Whistle Stop for fantastic breakfast, french toast (it is deep fried, a once in a lifetime experience!), homemade pie, cinnamon rolls, polish sausage, burgers, and BBQ. The owners of the Whistle Stop also run Brownies next door where you can get great sandwiches packed for the trail, homemade cookies, muffins, brownies, milkshakes, and many more treats as well as stock up on beer and dried goods.

      In town near Serrano there is a larger grocery and dried goods store that also makes decent sandwiches and pizza in a pinch.

      Be aware, DO NOT EAT AT EAST GLACIER PARK LODGE, the food is disgusting, overpriced, and the most horrible service we have every recieved (my $30 prime rib dinner sat under a heat lamp for at least 1/2 hr before the server brought it out). If you want a fantastic high end meal go to The Snowgoose Grille in St. Mary's.

      1. It has already been mentioned earlier on this board, but the Cattle Baron just to the North in Babb is great for dinner