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Anyone notice higher food prices in GTA yet?

So far we've been lucky in Canada. The strong loonie has buffeted us from a lot of the rise in prices, but this will change. Has anyone noticed a price increase? I noticed the other day -- more for some packaged at my favorite health store, directly related to recent rises, and an increase in price at the Eating Garden (don't know if that's related).

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  1. Have definitely noticed the price rise in breads and bagels. What a bagel raised a dozen bagels from $4.50 to $5.50 to $6 within a 3 month period. As well baguettes have gone from $1.49 to $1.69 to $1.99 at Concord within the past couple of months. And I expect more to come.

    1. it's only been a week but bahn mi is up to 1.75 on the spadina strip and bananas (even in china town) are up a couple dimes per lb.

      1. A loaf of Pane di Casa bread at Cobb's bakery has gone from $4.00 to $4.20.

        1. Almost all cereal-based products have risen steadily since late last year. Pasta and baked goods are obvious examples. World prices of rice have spiked dramatically. Can beer and booze derived from grain be far behind?

          1. From the relative lack of response to this thread, it seems like people haven't really noticed so far. We're pretty lucky in Toronto.

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              I think Canadians have generally been spared some of the pain due to the offset of our rising dollar. If you listen to the financial gurus, though, we are likely to feel a lot more pain in the coming year.

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                Either that or they can't check in here from where they work.

                I think you will see higher prices a bit later this year. I talked to a friend who owns a well known bakery and he told me that the costs for his grain and flour have risen dramatically, but they are "eating it" right now.

                And yes I have noticed that the price of many items has risen. Mrs foodyDudey would not notice that, she just pays whatever it costs :-(

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                  fruit and veggies have inched up; even something as mundane as potatoes seem often now to be $1.19/lb instead of .99 or .79. Anyone paid .99 per lemon - almost seems a "bargain" when they are .79 each !!! I think all the bread at Cobb's excellent bakery is up a few dimes or so; I noticed the bbq chickens at Loblaw's or Sobey's up a buck; soft drinks (name brands, the big 2 L plastic bottles) seem to be less discounted, and when they are, they sell at $1.39 not the old $1.19 or even .99. Cheese has always been outrageous and seems to be climbing. My sense is that everything fresh or locally produced is going up 5% or 10% - the actual cost isn't huge in any one case, but the multiplier effect over many groceries many weeks sure is !

              2. The price of #1 grade wheat doubled from Mar 07 to Mar 08. I'm surprised my baker has only raised prices by one-third in that period.

                With oil increases, corn diversion for biofuels, price increases will hit home much harder in the coming months, as supplies will be strained even further this growing season with demand increasing at a greater rate.

                The dollar won't save us from world prices any more.

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                  Correction: My local baker has raised prices by 40-45% in the past 12 months. He rode his first increase for most of last year, hence my initial error.

                  He has posted articles in his store about the rise in the price of grains because there has been a bit of a backlash from customers.

                2. I like to buy the 10 kg bags of all-purpose flour (usually Robin Hood or Five Roses) for my home baking. I used to wait till they went on sale for around $6 a bag, when they were around $10 regular price. Now I see them for around $13 to $14 at Dominion and Valumart. I just picked up a bag of Robin Hood at No Frills on Sunday for $11.83, now I notice it's gone up to $12.79 today. The huge loaves of Italian Home Bakery French bread were always a loss leader at 99 cents at the same local No Frills, in fact as of last week, but have now gone up 40%.