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Going to Lahey clinic on Sunday to visit a friend and need a rec for a great dinner spot open on Sunday night. Sushi or other asian would be great, but anything noteworthy and not a chain will satisfy. Thanx!

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  1. Summer Winter at the Burlington Marriot has gotten a couple of decent reviews. you can search it on the Boston Board.

    and for Korean you could try New Jang Su BBQ Restaurant, no booze though.

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      just up 128 a bit is Sushi Island in Wakefield, arguably one of the better sushi places north of Boston. there is also a Thai place right next door that i hear is Very Good but the name escapes me.

      you'll probably get a better response if you move this thread to the Boston Board.

    2. Cafe Escadrille is not sushi nor asian, but it has pretty great food. Also, while I hate to recommend restaurants that I haven't eaten at, there's a new fusion restaurant that opened about a year ago called The Ginger Pad-An Asian Bistro that I've been dying to try. I've read a few reviews and it sounds pretty good (website-www.gingerpad.com). The Ginger Pad is in the Wayside Commons along with quite a few other restaurants. Hope that's helpful.

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        One vote against Escadrille. Overpriced, pretentious - neither unique and special nor any sort of delicious food find. The Catch, recommended below, is just so much better. New Jang Su Korean BBQ is also much more delicious. Ginger in Bedford center is a decent burb sushi/Japanese place (not up to real Japanese standards, but better than most burb sushi).

      2. L'Andana has also gotten great reviews on the Boston Board. Here is just one thread:

        Not to quibble, but I think that, depending on where the OP is driving after dinner, Wakefield is more than a bit up 128. If you're heading North anyway, it's a good suggestion. Otherwise, I'd look closer to Lahey.

        Also, there is a Capitol Grille at Wayside Common Plaza.

        1. Another option that is not very far from Lahey Clinic would to drive into Winchester (about 15 mins) and try Catch restaurant on Church St. in the center of town. It is great little place that serves very creative seafood dishes with very good service and a great wine list.

          1. Bamboo in Bedford MA. on the Burlington line is about a 5-10 minute drive away from the Lahey Clinic. Bamboo has excellent Chinese & Japanese food including sushi. They also have a Sunday dinner buffet from 5pm-8pm.

            Bamboo-Bedford Fine Asian
            213 Burlington Rd, Bedford, MA 01730

            1. I always liked the Lemon Tree for great thai and sushi but it's been a while. It's just up the road from Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

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                Excellent feedback-thanx to all! Now to find out who's open on Sunday....

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                  based on their website, yes for Sunday

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                  Gosh, lexpatti, I always like your reviews but have to disagree on this one. I've had some very poor meals here at lunch. There are too many options to settle for Lemon Tree.

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                    It's been a while, could they have gone down hill. I used to work in Burlington. I'm hearing lots of other/new options now.

                3. I live and work in Burlington.

                  Main street in Woburn is just a few minutes from Lahey (go down Winn St. to Woburn Center). Try Tremonte for great food (check to see if they are open on Sundays). Their Italian dishes are really good, as are their steaks, rack of lamb, etc. In Woburn there's also a couple of Brazilian places, as well as Ixtapa Mexican and La Stanza Diva for Italian.Tanner Tavern has very good food in a pleasing bar/pub setting.

                  If you must stay in the Lahey area, then your choices are definitely limited to Bamboo, Dandelion Green, Escadrille (yech), New Jang Su (great food, but that place needs a MAJOR interior overhaul. Everything is covered with grease, ceiling is gross, so is floor, torn bamboo shades)... everything else is a chain. Ginger Pad is very so-so. Take out atmosphere and nothing tastes authentically Asian.

                  The restaurant in Nordstrom is supposed to be very good and it has a nice atmosphere. I don't know that it qualifies as a true chain restaurant, since this restaurant is a new concept and the first of its kind in the Nordstrom chain.

                  1. There is also a new outdoor mall just down the road. It has Not Your Average Joe's and Capitol Grill. I think there may be another place in there too. I've tried Joe's and for a chain it was really pretty good.

                    In Woburn there is a vietnamese place called Pho that is good. Louie's has awesome pizza.

                    1. I feel like we shouldn't mention a bunch of Burlington restaurants and leave out my favorite, and the rare, good, non-chain, spot Lester's Roadside BBQ. They smoke their meat. The owner and staff are friendly. It's clean.

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                        Went to Sushi Island and had a great meal-little stark when empty, but grateful that there was a place open on a Sunday night with city quality sushi. Thanx for all the suggestions! May go back just to veg in a pool and eat around town.