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Apr 24, 2008 06:43 AM

looking for mid town east side outdoor dinner

a bunch of us are going to show this evening and since its nice weather I am looking for a great place to eat outside mid town on the east side - the plan was to catch a cab over to broadway afterwards.

Any suggestions - any time of food, just looking for sidewalk dinning in the east side 50s

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  1. Not sidewalk dining, but Pampano has a lovely terrace on the 2nd floor - E. 49th.

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      Totally agree! The two times we've been to Pampano, we've sat on that charming terrace. And the fact that the food is so delicious is a giant plus!

    2. I've never actually eaten there but Angelos is an Italian/pizza place that has outdoor seating. Seems to get good reviews and it's on 2nd in the mid-50's.

      1. Sutton Place or Cafe St Barths

        1. Not all these are on the east side but the list is a start:

          1. if youre willing to go up to 63rd and 1st, i went to portofino last night and everything was fantastic.