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Apr 24, 2008 06:24 AM

[Manchester] This & That Cafe Review

This & That Cafe
3 Soap Street, Manchester

In the trendy northern quarter of Manchester, there are bunch of cheap, no-frills curry cafe's. They offer cheap Indian food, less of the typical 'UK Curry Restaurant' style, and more (so I am told) like homemade Indian food.

The 'This & That Cafe' on Soap Street, is probably one of the more well known of these.

I went on Sunday, and was treated to a generous portion of rice, 3 scoops of different curries, a Lamb Nihari (they start preparing this on the Thursday), Keema and a Potato based one. I also got a fresh Roti and a large glass of Mango Lassi. There are different curries for each day, so depending on when you go.

This was all for the princely sum of £4.10

The food was lovely, the lamb was nice and tender. I also liked the fresh sliced ginger and onions that were available for you to sprinkle on your food.

Now as I said, this is a cafe, don't expect the Ritz, or even MacDonalds. But it's clean, the 'service' is friendly, the food is tasty and the price is great!

I used to work in central Manchester and so often went here for a cheap and tasty dinner, you would be chowing down alongside, businessmen in suits, builders, local textile workers and students.

This place is IMHO a little gem

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  1. Thanks for the review.

    I'd just assumed it was open weekdays - I'll have to try and remember if I'm in town on a Sunday. Did you happen to notice if the other nearby caffs were also open?

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    1. re: Harters

      Yes, Hunters was open, as was Aladdin, and the one on the opposite corner to Aladdin. Though I didn't venture down Thomas St so can't vouch for any of the ones down there.

      Great collection of budget places to eat round there.

      1. re: portseven

        Ta for that.

        Aladdin is actually my favourite round there - I think it's just with it being so small; food being brought up the steps from the cellar and so on. Good food as they all are in that part of town.

        Really must get round to trying Hunters.