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The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen

A friend of mine ( a serious foodie) mentioned The Grove on Bee Caves. Since, I live central I have not ventured out there ( Bee Caves, just beyond 360). I would to get some input before I venture out West. There menu on their website looks fun

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  1. From what I"ve heard it has a nice patio/deck area and is a popular HH spot. It's the brainchild of Reed Clemon's who had Reed's Jazz & Supper club near the Arboretum.

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      Are there any good place to eat around The Grove? I would like to take me wife there after dinner for a drink or two...

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        County Line is across the street and Zuzu I think is in the same shopping center, or just one over

      1. I have eaten there several times as it is close to me and really like there pizzas the best. The bruschetta is very good as well they have all different types to choose from or mix and match. I would recommend but be prepared to wait if you don't go very early.

        1. Ok, so I broke down, even though I vowed to eat at home tonight (after the Austin restaurant article). Went to the Grove, and was really impressed. The atmosphere, menu, food and wine were fabulous. The wait staff could be a bit more attentive, but our's did bring an excellent wine selection. We will certainly be back!

          1. I've been once and enjoyed it. I had the bruschetta as my entree and it was quite tasty. You choose three different toppings for each piece of bread...it was almost too much with the side salad I'd ordered. Fairly inexpensive for the atmosphere and food.

            1. I've been there several times and won't be going back. Like most places in Westlake - it is just a step above Chuck E Cheese as far as the romper room factor goes. Kids everywhere - screaming, running around, skating around the patio. It IS NOT a wine bar. You can't sit at the bar and have a glass of wine because the bar is filled with kids. Literally every bar stool taken up by a kid. There were a few weeks there when they first opened that were blissful - an actual wine bar in Westlake! But now it is just like all of the other places in Westlake that open up saying they'll be different, fall into the kid trap, and close. See Ruggles, Rock Fish Grill, Austin Cheesecake Kitchen, Red Bud Bar and Grill, Time Out for Burgers, Holiday House, Cafe Brix, and the list goes on and on. Dare to be different - or dare to close while Macaroni Grill and HangTown stay in business forever.

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                How odd. I was there not too long ago on a Saturday at 1pm and there wasn't a kid in sight. I wonder if it's kid-ville in the evening? I don't mind kids at all but I cannot stand parents who don't control their unruly little ones.

              2. Thanks for the "kid"report. We almost went the other night, but I got the feeling that it was more of a bar type place. I'd be willing to give it a try either way.

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                  No kids on my visit either. Quite lovely atmosphere, actually. Great patio.