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Apr 24, 2008 05:59 AM

How late can you eat in Manhattan?

I'll be in NYC in June, staying in Chelsea. I really like the sound of The Red Cat and was thinking of going there on a Saturday night. However, we have tickets for Curtains at Hirschfeld Theatre that evening and the play won't finish until 10.40pm. I can see on Opentable that it's possible to make a reservation for 11pm at the Red Cat - but is that too late?? Should we save it for another night?? Your advice would be appreciated! Many thanks.

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  1. The Red Cat is definitely a late place... but you might be happier nearer the theatre district where many places have good post theatre crowd i.e. Marseille.

    1. The hot places (like Red Cat) are filled up until at least midnight. you may be the last ones eating, but there will be others drinking. This is a late night town!

      1. There recently was a recent discussion of this on another website. While a number of places advertise late closing hours, in practice some of them actually close earlier. In some cases they'll close their kitchens early if the dining room in empty. In other cases they never stay open to the officially posted hour. Best to call in advance to confirm their kitchens are still open.

        1. I live right by there and they'll totally be open at that time on a Saturday. And if for some reason you run into problems, there's a slew of other late night places within two blocks down 10th ave. Tia Pol is hopping at that time (tapas) and if worst comes to worst... empire diner across the street is open 24 hours :)

          I think you'll be just fine at red cat though!

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            Also, I'm not sure your age/tastes, but I would definitely be in the midst of the nice restaurant scene in Chelsea late at night then sticking around in the theater district, so I think it's worth it to head back in that direction!

          2. we're in our late 20s, so think we'll definitely head back to chelsea. planning the empire diner on our first night, as we'll be landing really late. (o: thanks to everyone, really appreciate it!