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Aug 15, 2002 12:42 AM

New Mongolian BBQ etc, at Hollywood-Highland

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According to the Independent (the only paper in town to print local Hollywood news), four new restaurants have opened in the Hollywood & Highland complex (4 hours validated parking for $2).

They are:

Fresh-Fire Kabob
Great Steak & Potato (Philly cheesteaks, it says)
Mongolian Grill
Trastevere (upscale southern Italian and bar)

Elixer, "a West Holllywood based tea and tonic café," is supposed to open there by the end of the month.

No endorsement in the paper or here.

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  1. Which "Independent" paper is that, and does it have a website?

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    1. re: Mark Cisco

      It's that paper that arrives on your lawn every Wednesday and nobody reads. The police blotter alone is worth the investment in time, and their coverage of neighborhood news is -- well, unsurpassed.

      It's part of a chain of regional papers within L.A.


    2. At some point, there will be an outlet of Volcano Tea (the Sawtelle-based boba mecca) there.

      Great Steak & Potato is acceptable mall food but is not (repeat, NOT) a real Philly steak (and this being L.A., and not Philadelphia, I'm not surprised).