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Apr 24, 2008 03:37 AM

Help - Need child's birthday cake that will please adults

Having a party for my daughter this weekend and in need of a cake. I'm pretty picky about cakes and kids don't care so I want it delicious for the adults.

Here are my preferences - Don't like over-buttery frosting (such as Cupcake Cafe or 2 Little Red Hens) and don't like cream cheese frosting (like Kitchenette). Thought a cake from Crumbs was mediocre and a cake from Soutine was dry. Liked Sugar Sweet Sunshine, but don't like almond-flavored chocolate.

What would I like? Amy's? Billy's? Ruthy's? Make My Cake?

It doesn't have to be too decorated, just nice and tasty.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Two places, both on Ninth Avenue: (1) Les Desirs, and (2) La Bergamotte. Les Desirs looks like a throwback from the fifties-era interior, but Jean, the bake/ownerr, is experienced and does excellent work. I've ordered many a child's birthday cake from Jean's and it's always gobbled up by fussy adults; La Bergamotte is higher-end both in appearance and in price, but I really don't think their offerings are any better than Les Desirs, and you'd be paying more, as well. Still, they do good work and you wouldn't be disappointed by their choices.

    1. oops - it was Buttercup I thought was dy, not Soutine.

      1. I like Amy's and Billy's. I didn't really love Ruthy's. I agree w/you that the cakes at Buttercup are too dry.

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          I've had good and bad luck at Buttercup. I once had a 6" red velvet that was super dry but yesterday my office got an enormous sheet cake with very buttery and soft yellow cake. I also happen to like the cream-cake ratio much better compared to the cupcakes

        2. How about a gelato cake? I think kids and adults all love gelato!

          1. The original comment has been removed