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Apr 24, 2008 03:10 AM


Hello everyone

Probably a stupid request, but please can anyone give me some tips about how best to cut a mango?

I can never seem to do it tidily - I always end up with squashed portions!!

Many thanks,

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  1. you KINDA somewhat sorta cut it like an avocado.

    what I do is I first peel the outside with a veggie peeler. Then i balance it (kinda dangerous), and cut each "cheek" off and then slice however.

    you can also slice each cheek off, without peeling before hand, and then cut into it without cutting the skin kinda like you do with an avocado. turn inside out and cut off the squares. I know that doesn't make much sense, but perhaps after looking at this photo it will help out some:

    after looking at some mango websites i notice that nobody cuts them the way I do ): oh well

    also look at this

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      I used to peel the mango before cutting, but after a couple of close calls with mangos slipping on the cutting board, I quit that practice. Cutting the flesh off the skin is a little more trouble, but a lot safer.

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        thanks so much - I will have a go and hopefully be more successful than I have been previously.

        Thanks again,

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          I can't imagine peeling the thick skin of a mango with a vegetable peeler. Then again, I peel most things with a sharp chef's knife like you would peel an apple from the top to bottom in one spiral. Then I cut both sides of on either side of the core and cut the half moons as needed and eat the bit around the core.
          If I don't care how the cuts come out, I might not bother peeling and cut the sides off and then dice or slice the flesh inside the peel, as you would with pineapple and then fold back the skin to cut off the diced or sliced flesh.

        2. re: bitsubeats

          unlike the avacodo, I like the peel of mango, to eat that is. So I cut it from the pit then cut the peel away for those who don't like it. For me the whole thing pops inot my mouth.

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            I googled "prepare a mango video" and found a lot of videos. Here are two more that look promising.

          2. First prerequisite is a sharp paring or boning knife. Hold the mango firmly in one hand, with cutting hand, stick point about 1/3 way horizontally into mango, feeling for the large pit. Slice piece horizontally. Now you can put mango on cutting board, again with point of knife, feel for end of large pit (usually about 1/3 way from top). Make another horizontal slice. Your mango should now be cut in 3 pieces, 1 of which is large unusable pit. Again with sharp paring knife, make diagonal slices in X shape through 2 sections of usable mango. Flip out meat so that you can cut off leaving skin, this will yield small cubes of mango flesh. There is usually some edible mango attached to pit, this is cook's treat. Mango tastes much better refrigerated, make sure it is cold when you eat.

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            1. re: Diane in Bexley

              I concur -- this is a good method. Just wanted to re-emphasize that with mangos, you need to accept that there will be a bit of flesh -- sometimes quite a lot -- left clinging to the pit, especially at the ends. I think the reason a lot of people get messy mango pieces is because they try to use this flesh. Just slurp it up in whatever way seems best to you.

            2. I'm sure it's not the proper way, but just how i ended up cutting them after growing up with a mango tree in the yard (the purple and green variety, not the filipinos): hold firmly in one hand and start peeling from either the tip or the stem, should create some ribbons. Then I score a grid into it and finally slice. Obviously not good if you want those big beautiful slices, but I found I took the most meat off of it with the least hassle.

              1. Then, you have the gadgets. Like... the Oxo Mango Splitter:


                You didn't hear it from me, OK? I hate gadgets.

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                1. re: RicRios

                  The mango splitter works great as long as your mango isn't ripe to the point of being squishy. If it's that ripe, the blade isn't sharp enough to cut through the skin without squishing the flesh inside. I have and like my mango splitter, but as I've gotten more confidence in how to deal with a mango, it's become just as easy to cut using a knife.

                2. Sounds like you want it to look tidy for serving...
                  For eating a mango oneself, the over the sink with juice dripping off the elbows method seems to work. :-)

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                  1. re: lgss

                    I live in Mexico and mango season is just beginning - I cut up LOTS of mangoes, and the method described by Diane in Bexley works pretty well. The dicing method works, too - it depends on the firmness of the mango. The Oxo gadget does not work at all unless the mangoes are not ripe. To use up those pits with lots of fruit still on them, put them in a pitcher, sprinkle some sugar on them and fill the pitcher with water. You have agua fresca - very popular drink here in Mexico.