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Apr 23, 2008 10:46 PM

Mother daughter weekend - in need of some adventures

Hey everyone, Looking for some help in choosing a few dining spots for an upcoming long weekend my mom and I will be spending together in NYC. We'll be in Manhattan, but would like to spend at least one evening in Brooklyn/Williamsburg.
First off, we're pretty darn adventurous eaters - and expect a short-lived NY weekend to match our sense for adventure. Mom lives in Hong Kong and dines out frequently, so Asian is loved but it needs to break some "rules" to be worthy of a night out in a US metro.
First great find would be:An authentic Moroccan/French Provencial hyrbid - think great tagines, lamb, wine, couscous.
Second great find: gastro wine bar with creative pairings. French, Asian, Asian hybrid... we're open to fun ideas
Third great find: Brunch that's fresh, local, fun and beyond the egg white omelete and memosa sort. I've been to a great place in Williamsburg that I'm blanking on the name of

Looking forward to what people suggest. I always find such great restaurants via chowhound... but the Manhattan posts are def. overwhelming!

- Sarah

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  1. For French/Mediterranean/Moroccan, I like Marseille, on the corner of 9th & 44th. Perhaps more creative than authentic; nevertheless, excellent food served in an attractive, lively brasserie setting.

    For suggestions in Williamsburg, it's best to post on the Outer Boroughs board.

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      I second Marseille. Everything I've tasted there was delicious and wonderfully seasoned! Can't beat the price for the quality of food. Great, friendly service on top of it all.

    2. Another Moroccan/North African place is Epices du Traiteur, on W. 70th. I haven't been, but it's been recommended to me a number of times on this board for things like brik, b'stilla and tagines. I will be going there myself in a few weeks with my parents, so I can report more fully then.

      1. Adventurous eats:

        For brunch, you are probably thinking of Egg in Williamsburg (same people that own/run Sparky's All American).

        My favorite brunches:

        1. Just wondering if there is any budget constraint?

          For the second, there are quite a few options. For contemporary French/New American, Eleven Madison Park will be my choice. In Hong Kong, there aren't that many French restaurants at this level, and Caprice is a little old school. There is Robuchon in Hong Kong, so no need to go there. I think EMP will be great as both the food and the presentation are top notch. I am no expert in wine pairing, but I like their wine pairing better than say Jean George.

          For strict Asian, you can pretty much get high quality offerings in Hong Kong, and with a "quasi" Kyubei just opened up there, I don't think you need a special trip to Sushi Yasuda unless your mom really wants sushi. Same for yakitori or izakaya. If your mother is an adventurous eater (and like offal / spicy food), Momofuku Ssam Bar / Noodle Bar will be the place to try. You can't find something like this in Hong Kong. Do a search and you will find plenty of reviews of Momofuku.

          If Momofuku proves to be too adventurous, Japanese fusion is generally better in NYC than in Hong Kong. LAN in East Village is a great place to enjoy some Japanese fusion without going "off the cliff". If price is not a concern, get the omakase (note: not the chef's tasting menu, but the omakase in front of the chef) at Morimoto. It was one of the best omakase I had in NYC and possible in Japan for fusion Japanese food.

          1. Market Table does a really nice fresh brunch beyond your standard eggs and french toast. Nice setting, pretty decent service. I just a tasty lunch there with my mom.