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Apr 23, 2008 09:15 PM

Honey King @ Vallergas Market, Napa - who's been?

One co-worker recommended honey from the Honey King which you can buy at Vallergas Market in Napa. Anyone try Honey King or been to Vallergas Market?

The Honey King
-Star Thistle

Vallergas Market website:

He said Vallergas Market is not as good as Sonoma Market, though he liked Honey King's honey. He's not a chowhound & never tried Marshall's Honey so I don't know how good this stuff is.

Anyone been before or try the Honey King stuff?

I'm not sure the correct location, this from their website
Vallergas Market
in Redwood Plaza
near Hwy 29, Napa

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  1. I have not tried the honey, but shop at Vallergas. I think the honey maybe from American Canyon, not completely sure. It has an olive bar, salad bar, soups and mac and cheese. Also susui (sp) don't like it so can't spell it lol. It also has a deli with great sandwiches and salads. Has all your grocery needs with especially nice breads, produce, meat and pre-packaged ( but fresh) bakery items. It's a very nice store. Locally owned

    1. I asked my co-worker for the location & he told me they only have 1 store now. Not sure if that's true. Anyone?

      The one he goes to:
      Vallergas Market
      3385 Solano Ave (@ Redwood)
      Napa, CA 94558
      (707) 253-2621

      Vallerga's Market
      3385 Solano Ave, Napa, CA 94558

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        That's true, two other Vallergas markets have closed, leaving the Solano and Redwood the sole site. Also have to mention that they have a good butcher section - buy my whole hogs there. And they carry fresh tumeric! However, their gobo (burdock root) is dried out, always.

      2. Speaking of Honey - in the Bay Area we're perhaps amongst the most fortunate to have a family-owned farm that produces some of the most fabulous Honey I've ever tasted. It's called Marshalls and they have every conceivable kind of Honey (including all Organic). In addition, it's a fun place to visit in American Canyon simply because each person is not only given a tour and a taste but also the education alone is worth the trip.

        1. I found Honey King Star Thistle & Wildflower, 1-lb jar $5.15 each at College Market, Angwin, CA. East of Saint Helena, across from PUC.

          College Market
          15 Angwin Plz, Angwin, CA