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Apr 23, 2008 08:46 PM

Good Dining and Salsa Dancing in Toronto/GTA!!!

I'm planning an outting in the next few weeks and want to know a place where the food is great, salsa dancing is a big part of the entertainment and has a younger crowd (mid-20's range). Any ideas???

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  1. There aren't any places where the food is truly great. For ok food, your best bets are Lulu Lounge and Plaza Flamingo. The food at Lulu Lounge has the edge over Plaza Flamingo.

    1. LuLa Lounge has very decent food and salsa nights, but you must reserve ahead. Babalu has mediocre food and salsa. But honestly most of us in the salsa crowd don't even go out to dance until around 11:00 so you could go somewhere for a decent dinner and then go out to dance. In the salsa community you'll see all ages. The youngest crowds can be found Tuesday nights at Six Degrees at Yonge and Eglinton. But the best dancers go out Tuesdays (Babalu) and Fridays (Acrobat). Have fun.