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Apr 23, 2008 08:34 PM

Room Service

We want a romantic weekend of good food, no kids and sleep, sleep, sleep. We're thinking of possibly not even getting out of bed, so we're looking for a hotel with not only good restaurants nearby but also fabulous room service. Is there anywhere in the Bay Area -- or even within a few hours drive -- where the room service comes from a truly excellent restaurant? Please help us -- we think that with enough good food and a few hours in a jacuzzi we might be on the road to recovery (from parenthood).

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  1. Interesting question. Most locals don't have experience with room service in our hotels. If price is no object, I think Meadowood might be a good choice.

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      1. If you want to be in the city, The Ritz Carlton is great. Good food in all their restaurants, so I assume room service will be similar. They are also now offering select food from The Dining Room in the Lobby Bar, so you might be able to get that as well through room service.

        1. The Fairmont advertises that they can provide a candlelight dinner with butler service right in your room.

          1. Some hotel restaurants that have gotten positive reports here (phone ask ask whether these restaurants food is actually available through room service, the other restaurants in the same hotels are probably pretty average):

            Dining Room at the Ritz
            Ame - St. Regis
            Masa's - Vintage Court
            Fifth Floor - Palomar
            Cortez - Vitale
            Michael Mina - St. Francis

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              The St. Francis room service menu never seemed to have anything from Michael Mina, but I haven't been there for awhile. You will definitely want something that is served in courses for the dinner, otherwise you may have something that was nice when it left the kitchen, and bleh by the time you eat it, unless all of your courses are cold except perhaps soup. (The Fairmont suggestion sounds good for that very reason - I bet the Ritz Carlton will arrange something similar).