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Apr 23, 2008 07:48 PM

Great picnic hikes in Asheville?

We're heading to Asheville at the beginning of May and want to take my husband and dog on a picnic hike.

Where are the best places to get great picnic food in Asheville? I would prefer to get it near the downtown area....

I've heard that Max Patch out near Hot Springs is a nice hike with a great view - any other suggestions for great lunchtime views?

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  1. Earth Fare and Greenlife are both larger natural food grocery stores (not as big as a Whole Foods, but same concept) and both have great pre-made salads, entrees, sandwiches and snacks perfect for a picnic. Both are near downtown. 28806 Deli is about 5 minutes from downtown and has the best specialty sandwiches in town, in my opinion (try the Southwest Club). They could pack them up to go.

    Graveyard Fields is a popular hike near mile 418 or so off the Parkway that is fairly easy to do and leads you to 2 nice waterfalls. There are not vista views per se, but you'll see plenty off the drive on the Parkway, and there are lots of nice spots to picnic along the river or on the large, flat rocks at the base of the Upper Falls.

    I think there are some decent places to eat in Hot Springs as well - you may want to try a search.

    1. There is actually a restaurant/shop called Picnics on Merrimon ave (very close to downtown) that does great chicken, ribs, turkey, salads, sides, desserts....and I believe they will pack up a basket for you.
      I agree w/ the idea of 28806 for great sandwiches.
      There are so many great places to hike around should probably look at the Blue Ridge Parkway site.

      1. Those are very good food recs for a picnic, but dogs are not allowed on most hiking trails along the Parkway and in the Park. You should check on the Smoky/Blue Ridge website before you go.

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          We have always hiked with our dog on the trails and after reading that post, was wondering if we breaking some rules! Did a little research and dogs ARE allowed on Blue Ridge Pkwy (except Great Smokey Mtn part), Pisgah Forest, and Nantahala trails. See link for more info: They must be leashed though. Glad to know I wasn't being a scofflaw!!

          I like "Picnics" on Merrimon too, although depending on what you get, it can get a little pricey.

          Have fun - it's a great area to hike!!!

        2. Another idea is to drive up to Weaverville and stop at Well Bred on Main St.for Sandwiches, beer, wine, great bread and desserts. Or Maggie B's where they also make sandwiches(and sell wine and beer) and also on Main St. and then to head on out to Hot Springs (about 30 min) or drive up Reems Creek Rd to Ox Creek and that takes you to a beautiful trail that winds along the Parkway (w/ views)

          1. Pearson Falls is a nice hike in Saluda (we usually stop at the BBQ place there). Great photo op at the waterfall at the end. You can google it to get info. Another nice hike (not sure if animals are allowed) would be Dupont Forest in Brevard (I have no idea about food in Brevard except for Subway). There are also the trails in Bent Creek.