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Apr 23, 2008 07:32 PM

Hello, Boerum Hill!

We're moving to Boerum Hill in a matter of days and are trying to feel out the neighborhood in terms of food. Saw this thread, and it's already been useful, but some of it might be a little out of walking distance.

We're looking for:

.wine bar/bar (good casual atmosphere with a good selection? somewhere to go regularly
).low-mid range restaurants to go to every couple weeks (lunetta looks great!)
.groceries! (preferable something other than a key foods or c-town)

.bread (i'm not sure if mazzola's is too far for an everyday walk? and.. excuse my having to ask, but, what's lard bread?)

And is there any decent Chinese or Japanese food in the area?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Welcome to the hood. Wine bar: Donna da vine on Atlantic betw. Bond and Hoyt; for groceries, the Met on Smith is fine for canned goods etc; for meat, I really like the halal butcher at Croissant foods on Atlantic right before 4th Ave, next to the dunkin donuts, and others sing praises of Los Paisanos on Smith; good bread and great baked goods at Betty Bakery on Atlantic betw. Bond and Nevins; fishmonger: Fish Tales on Court around Bergen. Not much great Chinese, but for Japanese, recommend Ki Sushi on Court and Hibino on Henry around Amity St.

    1. I'll throw out a couple of other recs, though except for the Met, I agree with salmonskin.

      Wine bar/bar - I also like Sample and the new JakeWalk. Brooklyn Social is great for cocktails, and Brooklyn Inn on Hoyt at Bergen is still a favorite. (Boat is also good.) On the far side of the 'hood Pacific Standard and 4th Ave. Pub have great beer selections.

      Butcher - Los Paisanos and Staubitz on Court

      Bread - Lard bread is bread with prosciutto or salami baked into it. It's awesome. I also like Damascus for its triangular pitas - not the prepackaged round stuff.

      Japanese - while they're in Park Slope, Taro on Dean delivers at least to me in Downtown Brooklyn (Schermerhorn and Hoyt). Hibino is great for cooked food. Chance is probably the best Chinese in the area, but I wouldn't call it great.

      For groceries - buy from the local markets and supplement yourself with a trip to Fairway or the increasingly better Pathmark on Atlantic and Flatbush.

      Welcome to the hood!

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      1. re: lambretta76

        second los paisanos, they seem to have carried every strange request I have walked in with.

      2. welcome! good suggestions so far. i'll add a few more. both atlantic and smith have quite a few solid options to meet a variety of tastes.

        on smith: i frequent lunetta, bar tabac, chestnut (my personal favorite in the neighborhood especially their tues/weds prix fixe menu), cafe luluc (particularly for brunch), ki for sushi, order from szechuan garden (though chinese is not this neighborhood's strong suit, i think this is the best around. chance is also good, but is not really classic take-out chinese.) for a slightly farther walk i also love hibino and cube 63 for sushi.

        on atlantic: you've got jolie (a french bistro with fairly solid food and lots of special menus each night of the week), nicky's vietnamese sandwiches (cheap and yummy), downtown atlantic (sort of an upscale diner/country restaurant -- also a good brunch spot.) i like brawta for something a little different.

        in the other direction on atlantic there is a slew of tasty middle eastern spots: waterfalls and fountain cafe being the two stand-outs, and sahadi's market of course as well.


        1. Welcome :)

          Wine bar/bar--hands down Deity on Atlantic (cpl doors down from Downtown Atlantic) is the best wine bar now in the area. One of my all time favorite bars in fact. Sample is right up there as a close second. And further now Smith St. is the new bar that the owners of Stinky and Smith n Vine opened (Jake something or other its called), which has a great wine list and cheese list.

          Every day restaurants -- Chance for chinese/dim sum. Lunetta has been very uneven lately but I've had good meals there. Po has gotten better lately (was uneven for a while). Waterfront Ale House for burgers and beer. Chestnut (but can also be uneven lately). 'Em for Thai. Bedouin Tent for middle eastern. Patois for French. Ki or Cube 63 or Hibino for sushi.

          Groceries - Pacific Market is where we get a lot of our stuff. Garden of Eden is a cab or long way away in Bk Hts. It's a neighborhood that works best with going to different stores for different we get a lot of our basic supplies at Pac Market, get our meats at Paisanos, get our fruit/veg at either Pac Market or the veg market on Atlantic Ave near Sahadi's. Which brings me to Sahadi's and Damascus for your middle eastern food needs (Damascus for pita/hummus, Sahadi's for other stuff imo). Stinky or Cobblestone or Sahadi's for cheese.

          Bucher - Los Paisanos (Staubitz for back up choice)
          Bread - Mazzola's is very walkable on a nice day and you'll pass many old school italian bakers to check out along the way on Court, Cobblestone on Court St has a decent selection of breads from other bakers, and so does Stinky on Smith St
          Fishmonger - Fish Tales on Court is the most convenient but not great for everything (good for fish/shrimp, crappy for mussels)

          Chinese / Japanese -- no great chinese, but Szechuan Garden on Smith, and Chance on Smith are both reliably tasty (Chance esp for dim sum). Ki/Cube 63/Hibino/Osaka are all very solid sushi. Hibino also makes their own tofu and has a variety of non sushi options.

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          1. re: Nehna

            Interesting you'd choose Deity as one of your favorite bars ever as they've only been open a short time- and I wouldn't really consider them a wine bar anyhow. In the few times I've been there I've found the prices pretty outrageous and the atmosphere not a cozy and inviting as wine bars usually aspire to be. Nice looking, and nice people running the place from what I can tell, though. Are they still only open Thurs-Sundays?

            "Wine Bars" are pretty new to this neighborhood. Sample has been around for a bit and has a very warm if not slightly sleepy ambiance. Boca Lupo on Henry is pretty good, and I've enjoyed myself both times I've gone to JakeWalk. Black Mountain on Union is another one to check out.

          2. Thank you everyone! The selection seems great. Excited to move in and try it all.