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Apr 23, 2008 07:27 PM

Inland Empire: Favorite Supermarket

Hi all,

My husband and I are moving to Claremont in July. We're currently visiting and checking out the area, and I'm wondering what the favorite grocery stores are here. I really, really love my grocery store in Vermont, and I'm very unfamiliar with supermarkets around here. I went to Trader Joe's for the first time yesterday, and I must say I was not impressed. :(

Tomorrow we are going to check out Wolfe's on Foothill Blvd. Any other suggestions? I really like one stop shopping, so a place that carries fresh, varied and reasonably priced items without a discount card program is a plus.



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  1. Wolfe's would be my choice in Claremont. It's pretty small, so don't expect that big of a selection. However, it is good quality but a bit expensive.

    Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of Whole Foods in the Inland Empire. Neither of these are reasonably priced.

    1. I used to live in Claremont in the late 80's. Some things haven't changed much in that area, and gourmet options seem to be crawling along!!

      Wolfe's is now called Wolfe's Marketplace, and is a good neighborhood grocer. The old Alpha Beta became a Ralph's and is now a "natural market" of some sort. Outside of Claremont you can find a great Italian Market called Claro's in Upland.

      Claro's Market
      1655 North Mountain Ave.
      Upland, CA, 91786

      A place you may appreciate (coming from VT) would be the Farm Store at Cal Poly Pomona. There are a variety of farm stand produce items, some campus raised meats (kind of sparse) a nursery, and some somewhat highly priced grocery items from small gourmet food companies mixed in with their groceries. You'd have to go there to experience it to see if it's something you'd like I guess.

      The Farm Store at CSPU Pomona
      4102 S. University Drive
      Pomona, CA 91768

      1. I live in claremont now. Shopping here is sort of a combination of stuff. No one place has everything.
        Trader Joes for some staples.
        Claro's for Italian supplies (esp. sandwich meat/cheese).
        Costco for big supplies.
        The farmer's market every Sunday in the village for most veggies.
        And don't overlook the mexican supermarket on Indian Hill just south of the 10 freeway (I forget the name). That has lots of pretty good stuff for a lot cheaper than you pay at Von's.
        Wolfs - not enough selection and quality to justify the high prices. I only go there to buy their tortilla chips.
        Sprouts - something about that place just rubs me the wrong way. They never have exactly what I want, always something sort of close.
        If I want something special I usually drive to get it. Like to Whole Foods in Pasadena for my beloved Clover milk or Marukai in West Covina for Japanese/Sushi fish or Seafood Paradise for really fresh (as in still moving) fish.

        1. I don't think there are any particularly good supermarkets in that part of the world. My wife lived in La Verne (just west of Claremont) before we were married, and anytime I was going to cook (which was often) I'd usually do my grocery shopping in Pasadena before trekking east. There is a brand-spanking-new Vons in La Verne that just opened last week. I haven't been in yet, but it's big, and I've heard some of the locals giving it favorable reviews. Then again, that could just be in comparison to the old, cramped and understocked Vons across the street that it replaced.

          There's a Henry's Market in Chino Hills, a bit of a schlep but closer than Pasadena.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            Hubby and I checked out Wolfe's today. It was charming, but I agree with LegoEater... I can't imagine going there on a regular basis.

            What about Stater Bros? Or Albertson's? I saw the new Vons, but I've heard mixed things and I hate the whole discount card thing. Maybe it's worth a look though.

            Thanks for the heads up about the Mexican supermarket... I will check that out as well! I will look into Henry's Market also.

            1. re: katiepie

              Stater Bros...stay way, unless you like waiting in line for hours. It seems that there's never more than 2 checkstands open (often only one), and everyone has an overflowing cart.

              Just b/c Vons has a club card (every major market does, including Ralph's & Albertson's, by the way) doesn't mean you have to sign up. I don't. To me, Vons, Albertson's & Ralph's are all the same. I don't shop at any of them if I can avoid it. Before the new Vons opened, the Albertson's in San Dimas was probably the best option in the area (although the Albertson's at Garey & Foothill wasn't horrible).

              1. re: katiepie

                If you are looking into Henry's in Chino Hills, I would check out 99 Ranch, an Asian supermarket, for shopping. It is huge with lots of fresh produce, seafood, and decent meats.

            2. I enjoy going to Gelsons in Pasadena,WholeFoods in Pasadena and Irvine Ranch Market in Costa Mesa. The latter is sometimes spotty-things have changed over the years but I still remember going to them when they first opened in the 80's.