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Aug 14, 2002 04:15 PM

Best Chili Fries

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It may not be high cuisine but I love a good chili fries w/ cheese. So I went to lunch today at 'The Hat' and ordered their version of chili fries.
Man, they are the best chili fries I've ever had. Lots of grated cheddar cheese, good quality chili with lots of ground beef and no beans, all over a big pile of hot fries. Mmmmmmmmmm !
Can anyone recommend another spot with good chili fries ?

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  1. Mo' Bettah Meaty Meat Burgers (Fairfax and Pico) does a good version, with their excellent home-cut fries.

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    1. re: SKU

      Chili my Soul on Balboa Blvd in Encino. Don't have the address handy. Homemade french fries and incredible chili (they have something like 30 different types, from the traditional to the nouveau). Perfect.

      1. re: SKU

        1)YES! There's no bettah than Mo Bettah''... AND, for the dieter in your party, they have Chili Fritos!

        2) How come no one's mentioned Tommy's? As with their burgers, you wouldn't want the fries w/out the chili or the chili w/out the fries, but put em together y voilA!

        3)had top 5 fries (no chili) yesterday in Leimert Park at a place called (I think) The Kitchen (definitely no relation to the Slake spot); right across from the actual park; it's a BBQ joint. Make that top 3 fries.

        PS thanks to the person w/the guts to get real re Pink's. I hope it lasts forever, but it sucks.

        1. re: Est Nyboer

          How chili fritos can be lower calorie than regular fries with chili, you've got me -- fritos are the highest calorie chip of them all!

          That being said, I love chili fries, so I'm glad this thread was started.

          I like those from Fatburger, and also, those from Rick's (on Fletcher and Riverside).

          P.S. All those people who are saying Tommy's or Pink's need to venture out.

        2. re: SKU

          The HAT's chili fries are incredible!

          I didn't know that Mo' Bettah Meaty Meat Burgers was still around? Has anyone been there recently cause that and Hawkins are on my CARDIAC lunch alert list!

          1. re: nrique

            Mo' Bettah has unfortunately been gone for years...

            1. re: schrutefarms

              It was open at the time in Aug. 2002 when SKU posted that.

          2. Tops in Pasadena. I love their chili fries. Good thin fries topped with loads of meaty, no-beans chili. I actually can't stand the chili fries at the Hat. From my experience, there's hardly any beef at all in that chili, and it's way too greasy.

            For the record, I also love the Pastrami sandwiches at Tops. They're done like Johnnie's or the Hat (boiled), but piled twice as thick as the Hat. Also has great burgers.

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            1. re: Bert

              Where in Pasadena is Tops?

              1. re: Scott

                Check the link below. there are two locations. one is off of colorado just east of rosemead, and the other is on walnut and allen or something like that...


              2. re: Bert

                I agree. I love Tops chili fries.... yum!!

              3. That's interesting -- never had chili fries at The Hat, but I don't really care for their regular fries: Too starchy (as opposed to having a bit of crispiness) ....Maybe the chili helps!

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                1. re: Scooter Pie

                  The Hat fries ROCK, you know you are eating real potatoes!

                  1. re: chino wayne

                    Well, I guess our tastes in fries are pretty divergent, Wayne!

                    My current faves are maybe not even technically fries -- but I love the pommes frites at Le Petit Bistro. Crispy and sliced thin. Very European. (But I can't imagine them with chili!)

                    1. re: Scooter Pie

                      You probably already know this, but pommes frites is French for "fried potatoes." This is why us Yanks call 'em French fries. Technically, pommes frites are the original definition of "fries." But maybe it's also because "Belgian fries" just doesn't roll off the tongue as smoothly.

                      1. re: Chris G.

                        I had always understood that the term "french" in french fries referred to the way the potato is cut (i.e., it's frenched) rather than to the country of origin. (See link below).


                        1. re: David Kahn

                          Very interesting info. Perhaps "french" is also in reference to the way that they are eaten with your tongue.

                          1. re: Chris G.

                            Yikes -- maybe you ought to get those chili fries to go...

                      2. re: Scooter Pie

                        I can also go with a really good shoestring fry.

                    2. re: Scooter Pie

                      Yes, the fries at The Hat are always under cooked.

                    3. simply put -- PINKS!

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                      1. re: Rio90027

                        sorry, but PINK'S STINKS.
                        how can you call that chili????
                        Barney's Beanery beats that crap.
                        Actually, I have to say, BB's is my fave over Johnnie Rockets but I haven't been to 'the Hat'.

                        1. re: Ivana Yeate

                          Pink's fries suck as well, hence the chili fries couldn't be good either.

                          Pink's makes an OK hot dog, but how much of a culinary achievement is that? Not much of one.

                          I honestly don't know why people persist in claiming it's a worthwhile palce.

                        2. re: Rio90027

                          Agreed, Pinks chili fries are very good.

                        3. m
                          Mrs. Marshall

                          Okay, normally I go for the really good cheddar cheese, and the lean ground beef chili type foods, but c'mon! When we're eating chili(cheese) fries, all that flies right out the door and we're looking for the most decadant treat we can find - right!?!

                          Well, I've found mine at Tommy's Original. That signature chili that I NEVER want to know what's in it goes perfectly with their relatively new addition french fries and that processed american cheese food product they put on top. Mmmm...mmmm...