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Apr 23, 2008 07:27 PM

I miss the cherry charger from Jamba Juice. Any substitutes?

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.
Anyone know of a comparable smoothie/blended drink that could substitute?
Or any ex Jamba Juice employees care to share the recipe? :P


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  1. I am with you, Laker Fan, IMHO that was Jamba's best smoothie but I only recall seeing it once or twice as a limitted time thing. IMHO the soy really added a lot to it. I also recall they also had a soy smoothie with blueberry for a while that was equally good.

    1. I can't quite vouch for the authenticity, but this looks like what I remember it tasting like. There are a few recipes out there in google, but this looks the closest to me:

      Mighty Cherry Charger-

      18 Whole, pitted cherries
      5 Strawberries
      6 Oz cherry juice
      6 Oz soy milk
      2 Scoops nonfat vanilla frozwn yogurt
      1 Scoop soy-based protein(8g protein)
      2-3 Ice cubes
      Blend ingredients until smooth

      1. Have you tried actually asking for it? Although it's off the menu, they still may be able to make it.

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          HastalaPasta - blueberry? that sounds good. I have tried numerous emails to the corporate office, and I keep getting the same reply, that they will try to bring it back next season. Is there a cherry shortage or something?
          thanks for the reply

          Corgette - thanks for the recipe. Will have to try this if I can't find a good substitute.

          duke of mildew - I did try asking for it. A couple of times when they had just taken it off the menu, and the reply was that it was a seasonal thing. Now when I ask, I just get a confused look since alot of the kids there havent been working there too long. They really should keep it as hidden menu item though, thanks for the reply.