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Apr 23, 2008 07:12 PM

What is the most wonderful food gift you've been given?

So Curious.

Today, My Hub came home with some slabs of jamon iberico (iberica? correct me PLEASE, on which gender this takes!) from a Spanish friend at work. This fellow has relatives visiting, and bringing wonderful foodstuffs. We share a love of Spanish food, and I was gifted with this remarkable pork product as a result (and expensive, yikes!). I am humbled and grateful. The flavor, the experience, the gratitude....all wonderful. One of my favorite food gifts ever.

What are yours?


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  1. The box of Swiss milk chocolate (bars, truffles, funny little sticks) my friend sent my from Zurich. It was milk chocolate heaven in my house for weeks.

    1. The ones that are homemade, cookies, candy, preserves, pickles! And I try to share, too.

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        Yes, for us, too--anything sister in law used to put up her own pickled veggies in NJ and send us some for Christmas gifts and we just loved them so much. Well, okay, we also love it when someone sends us smoked salmon, such a treat!

      2. a friend ordered a cheese selection for a birthday of mine some years ago. It was from the south west of England and included the most delicious choice of cheeses ever, all from independent producers. A wonderful gift.

        1. A birthday gift of assorted smoked and cured fish plus extra goodies from Russ & Daughters! Living in an area without access to this type food made the gift even more appreciated.

          1. A letheally decadent wooden 'crate' of Kron. dark chocolate truffles. They were hand cut into irregularly, shaped squares and generously dusted with unsweetened cocoa.
            The initial bitterness of the cocoa followed by the sensual sweetness of the soft creamy truffles always created a pleasurable assault on the senses.