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Apr 23, 2008 07:00 PM

Best Cheap Eats?

I have long complained that there is not enough enough "cheap" places to grab lunch in this city. I am from chicago originally where there are great places to get a hot dog and fries for about 1.50 or a Italian Beef and fries for about 3.99. Here a po-boy, potato salad and drink can run you 10-14 bones.

Can you people give me your recs for cheap eats?

After tons of eatin' I did find some economical places...

Here's my favs...

1. Pho Tau Bay. Killer. I would eat here everyday if I could.
2. Felipe's. Huge burrito's.
3. Slice. filling awesome pizza.
4. Mona's. Damn good gyros and hummus....

Tell me a place to hit!!!!!!

PS. Don't get me wrong. I like New Orleans food better than Chicago food overall and have been boilin' crawfish and sucking down oysters for 8 years.

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  1. If I nave an opportunity to eat in New Orleans, it won't be gyros and burritos. I'd skip a meal until I could afford a good poor boy.

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    1. re: speyerer

      Liuzza by the track. Breathtaking RB poboy /gumbo combo
      Sugarpark. really good, large pizza
      Mimi's. Tapas
      Bozos. oyster poboy
      Lola's. paella with mojo sauce
      Parkway. shrimp poboy
      Central Grocery. muff.
      POC. Burger
      Willie Mae's. fried chicken
      Mat n Naddies. lunch buffet
      This could go on forever. We have a plethera of good, cheap eats.

      1. re: JazzyB

        theres a lunch buffet at mat n naddies? how is it? pricey?

        1. re: Troika

          $10. Not your usual buffet fare. Generally a sliced cold roast like a pork loin, cold cuts, cheeses, a nice creole shrimp salad, a citrusy chicken salad, room temp quiche, homemade soup, salad (mixed baby greens) with assorted veg. and homemade dressings, a hot entree. Their grillades and grits are outstanding.

      2. re: speyerer


        when you live here for 8 years you can't eat po-boys everyday!!!!!!

        1. re: mcegielski

          6n Mondays I have red beans and rice and shrimp Creole on Fridays.

        1. Cafe' Maspero is good. The prices are good too. I usually get a seafood plate, Its a nice size with fish, shrimp, oysters and calamari for 10 bucks. The poboys are cheaper.

          1. I could not agree with you more, and I'm a native. It has always puzzled me after stints in San Francisco and New York (cities whose cost off living surely outsize ours) where there were loads of little hole in the wall, cheap and tastey, sometimes utterly charming places to eat, why we don't have this stratum of dining to offer. It obviously has something to do with our size and the (relative) paucity of immigrant population, but it still perplexes. And yes, prices have shot up in recent years. Even long beloved Mona's, and the many other good Lebaneese options round town-- I've had MUCH cheaper, and I hate to say better, middle eastern in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Plus, I found in Brooklyn many of the moderately priced restaurants all run $7 -$8 lunch specials, some with more than one course.

            Anyway, your short list is identical to mine. The only additions I can think of... the new taco truck phenom has some of the best deals around, though I haven't availed myself to any of them, and if you troll the Tulane area you will likely find some "priced for students" places, though at the moment, none stand out to me. In the Lower Marigny/Bywater word of mouth says there are a few other options, like Cafeyo (sic) and Sugar Park Tavern (though I don't know if S.P. is open for lunch). Praline Connection and Bennachin are both reasonably priced. There's Verdi Mart, but that isn't for everyone, and the Quarter locale can be inconvenient. In General, it's tough going for those dreaming of the under $10. lunch; I wish it weren't so. (insert sigh here)

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            1. re: swampsue

              I did forget Veti Mart. Love their shrip po boy! you are correct on all accounts..

            2. That Indian Place in Place St. Charles offers a full meal with drink for less than ten bucks. I also frequent Ernst, Lucy's, J'anita's & Red Eye - all have items with sides for under ten bucks and are filling, good meals.
              I have been meaning to get over to Slice. How is parking on weekdays?

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              1. re: mrsfury

                Slice is awesome. Pretty much one a week I hit the bar aea in back. Maybe pricey for pizza that you might get at a pizza "joint" type place but they do serve you and overall it is a cheap and very good meal. their anti pasto plate rules. thei abita pitcher special rules. the slices are hot and good. staff months ago seemed always too cool for school and mad at the world but the last 4-5 months the people ae cool. they should be. they work in a rockin pizza place. parking is a breeze acoss street. meter.