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Apr 23, 2008 06:41 PM

Best chinese BBQ Pork

Where can I find the best tasting BBQ Pork to take home? And soy sauce chicken wings?

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  1. This one's easy. For BBQ Pork, Kom Jug Yuen, on Spadina.

    At least that's the choice if you're in the city and not looking for one of those kooky suburban chinese choices ;)

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    1. re: d80

      mmmmm had it the other night .. extra sauce

      1. re: d80

        If you're in Scarborough (still in the city right?), there's a plaza at Midland and Sheppard with a pretty solid Chinese BBQ shop in the food court. Their ducks are pretty good too; come the Chinese festive days, they have a long line up starting in the afternoon and lasting into the evening.

        1. re: tksh

          Is it called Sam May? If so, I've been there. I'm absolutely nuts for that garlic sauce they put on the BBQ Chicken.

        2. re: d80

          Yeah, gotta love the Kom Jug. Though perhaps it's more geared towards Western taste buds as it is rather sweet, the 'bark' on their pork is something else. One day I got to head down south and try burnt ends (southern BBQ).

          Up north, I really love the BBQ take-away in the First Markham Place foodcourt, Can't give you the name and there are two beside each other, One is consistently busier than the other, go to the busy one. Greast roast pig and pretty good duck, I adore the meat combo in their noodle soup. I haven't been to too many BBQ places, but I really like that one.

          Hey Charles and Skyline, I'd love to hear from you guys as you seem to be the real Chinese food mavens on the TO board and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

          1. re: jonnybee

            Hello jonnybee, for chinese BBQ, my favorite is Shark Fin City on the second floor food court of Pacific Mall, the skin of the BBQ duck is real crispy thin, with a thin layer of fat between the meat and skin, although my last visit is a little bit off. However, the Cha Siu there are always very nice.

            Peak Top, and the BBQ place inside FMP food court as you mentioned are also good.

            1. re: skylineR33

              There are good ones around - Peak Top, Valleymede, and the others, but I also think Shark Fin City is on another level, better than all the rest.

              1. re: Chester Eleganté

                Hi Chester Eleganté,

                Have you been to Shark Fin City for their BBQ duck recently ? The quality of their BBQ duck for my last couple of times there is no good. I wonder what happen there ?! Am I just out of luck ? I remember the BBQ duck I used to get there was outstanding and a whole level up from other BBQ restaurants !!

                The PeakTop at Vaughan Mill is also my fave for BBQ duck nowaday.

                1. re: skylineR33

                  Hey Skyline, I've only tried the duck a couple of times, and the last time was a few months ago. Both times it was really good, so, I dunno.

                  1. re: Chester Eleganté

                    Thanks. I will continue to give it a try and hope for the best.

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      Hay skylineR33!! The last time I tried, I bought home a whole uncut duck. Sauce separate. Upon reaching home, I used a 'hairdryer' put on high heat and go thru the skin of the duck. The result was amazingly CRISPY skin and a fairly warm duck. Just as if its freshly roasted from the oven! Forget about chopping it up. Just use your hand and tear into the drumstick! Left leg preferably! Ha!!!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        That's a genius idea; I've never thought of that before. Thanks, Charles!

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          Wow, that's good and messy ! I only do that with pigeon but now may consider give it a try with the duck too ! Thanks.

                    2. re: skylineR33

                      hi skyline, i've never been to PeakTop, do you know if the bbq duck is still good there?

                      also, would you happen to know if PeakTop does stuff like dim sum at lunch or is it just a restaurant similar to Richmond Court or somewhere that just has rice, congee and noodle dishes etc.?

                      1. re: auberginegal

                        There are two Peaktop. The one nears Vaughan Mill has better BBQ duck from my experience. The other one's duck is ok too. I think their BBQ duck is good as in Toronto standard. I think they all have dim sum at lunch (I have tried dim sum at the one nears Vaughan Mill, quality is mediocre). They all have a regular menu with all kinds of cantonese dishes like a topical chinese restaurant in Toronto.

                        1. re: skylineR33

                          thanks skyline! i work around that area and people were wondering about a dim sum place near vaughan mills and that was the only restaurant i could think of. if anyone has other suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated.

                2. re: jonnybee

                  I think you are referring to Zhong's BBQ. They are my fave for BBQ at First Markham.

                  1. re: jonnybee

                    Drove by Peak Top today at FMP and it was papered up. I don't know if it's a permanent closure or renos.

                    1. re: Apprentice

                      They've been lights out since last weekend at least so I think they went bust. Their soya sauce chicken is pretty good too.

                      1. re: Apprentice

                        I just shrieked out to my mom telling her that Peak Top might be shut down for good, but she said that they're just under renovations! ... Phew. And how does she know? She said she read it in the paper (an ad probably) that they're doing renovations until May 1. PHeeeewwww... 'coz Peak Top is best in GTA, I think. I find Shark Fin in PMall not melt-in-your-mouth-y.

                        1. re: jennjen18

                          Yes, good BBQ pork and duck are not suppose to be melt-in-your-mouth-y. When Shark Fin City do it right, it is the best in GTA, better than Peak Top.

                          1. re: skylineR33

                            I suppose everyone's entitled to their opinions... that's what this board's about, right? I dont see how duck can be melt-in-your-mouth-y tho.

                            1. re: jennjen18

                              Of course,that's why when you start to bring up that Peak Top is the best as in your post, I would say Shark Fin City is better in my opinion.

                              I also don't see how chinese BBQ can be melt in your mouth-y as you said, it seems you judge on what's good base on that as one of the factor. I thought you are talking about Toro or Kobe beef.

                          2. re: jennjen18

                            Yeah, you're right. I checked the papers and they did have an ad for renovations. My bad.

                            1. re: tksh

                              You can always go to the Peak Top at Vaughan Mill in the mean time.

                              1. re: skylineR33

                                I finally had a chance to try Peaktop at Vaughn Mills tonight and I found their cooked dishes and BBQ meats to be better than their Markham location. Mind you, their dishes are a bit pricier (but you get better ambiance). We had a shrimp in lobster sauce, which ended up being very large shrimps in a rich soup like broth which was very tasty, and a hot pot of chicken w/ black bean sauce and pomelo. The BBQ pork (not suckling) was very good and crunchy, and duck was flavourful as well.

                                The waiter tells me the Markham Peaktop should open up again in about 2 weeks time.

                                1. re: Royaljelly

                                  Went to Vaughn Mills and visited Peaktop at 9ish when the mall closed last Saturday. There was a banquet there that night, tres noisy, but that was okay.

                                  Ordered the Dinner for 4 when we only had 3 people 'coz we just didnt want to think. Came with a soup (seafood thick soup, with the egg drop), appetizer of two bbq items (duck and sweet bbq pork), steamed fish in black bean sauce, steamed chicken with veggies on the side, and sweet and sour popcorn chicken. Oh, and dessert, which was the red bean soup.

                                  Quality was quite good, which matched up to the price of $65. Rice was not included, and cost $1.50 each. We found that funny. Waitress thought that rice was not needed at all... since there was so much food, and we were like, 'nuh uh, it's quite saucy, these dishes.. we need rice!'

                                  We all loved the fish. It was a "mah yau". Fish steaks were nice and tender and sweet. Black bean was so strong that we had to wipe them off before eating the fish. Chicken was average, and popcorn pork was very very nice and tender on the inside while crunchy on the outside. Just what I wanted that night.

                                  Sorry, no photos 'coz I was super duper hungry. I think it fit our bill of what we wanted. Will definitely go back if going to Wonderland or Vaughn Mills.

                                  1. re: jennjen18

                                    The Vaughan Mills Peaktop location is quite convenient for me so I go fairly often. My favourite dish can be found under the 'Chef Recommendations' - Spicy Soft Shell Crab (2 for $12.95). They are consistently crispy, light, not greasy and come dusted with a tasty combo of salt, chilis and garlic.

                      2. re: d80

                        Sorry man. Kom Jug Yuen has just become positively ghastly. It's all pre-cut and sitting in sauce under a heat lamp, getting extremely dry. That's just no way to serve char siu. It needs to be chopped up fresh, with plenty of moistness on the inside.

                        Shark Fin City in Pacific Mall used to be very good. Unfortunately, it's gone downhill over the years.

                        There's lots of decent, mid-tier char siu. My advice is just to keep trying new places until you find one that fits your particular taste.

                        1. re: ascendance

                          funny you should say that because for a while my bf would get the bbq pork on rice regularly (avg once a wk for a couple months - this about a month ago) and the man at the counter always took the meat from the hook in the window and cut it up in front of him. he asks if you want sauce and tops it depending on your request.

                        2. re: d80

                          Been wanting to try Kom Jug Yuen for about 5 to 6 years whenever I'd pass by the place and see the BBQ food hanging in front of the window. My mouth would always salivate seeing the pork, duck etc., but every time I was in a rush and going in was inconvenient at the time. However, I finally stopped the procrastination and have visited the restaurant twice already for take-out. I still haven't dined in the restaurant. LOL

                          Been brainwashed by all the hype of Kom Jug Yuen having the best BBQ pork in the city. I'm starting to really believe it is the best BBQ pork in the city because some of the leftovers I had in the refrigerator for 3 days was finally eaten and still quite tasty. No joke!!! I don't believe BBQ pork from any other place would even be remotely edible and still taste as good as KJY stuff.

                          Now I have to find out if their hot and sour soup is really that good! ;)

                          1. re: d80

                            I was in the mood for some BBQ pork today and read the reviews on this page. Since I live downtown I went to Kom Jug to see if it was really as good as people were saying here. After trying it I think it has to be one of the worst BBQ pork's I have ever had in my life. I used to go to the place at Metro Square in Markham and loved theirs. It came with this amazing green onion stuff on the side which made it REALLY delicious.

                            The one at Kom Jug was out of a tray (like they have at some fast food restaurant) and had probably been sitting there all day. The pieces were all tiny and looked like I got all the left over scraps or something. Sure the price of $4 makes it hard to complain, but I don't think I will be heading back. Anyone have any other suggestions for places downtown?

                            Metro Square Cafe Restaurant
                            3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R1K9, CA

                            1. I'm with the Kom Jug on Spadina at Baldwin

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                              1. re: Westwardho

                                I've never been to Kom Jug Yuen but have heard the same from many - that it's the best. The best BBQ pork that I've had is at Gold Stone restaurant. On Spadina, just south of Dundas on the west side. Not a fan of their food otherwise, blech (though their wonton soup is nice), but their bbq pork is just succulent. I also love the BBQ spare ribs at China House on Eglinton. Just amazing. I want to try this Kom Jug place.

                              2. Surprised that Hong Fatt (sometimes the name describes the product no matter the language) on Dundas east of Spadina hadn't received a recommendation.

                                1. Depending on your definition of 'Chinese BBQ Pork'. For best 'honey glazed pork fillet- char siu style' I would opt for 'John's Chinese BBQ restaurant at 328 Hwy7 E. Their version was recently commented by a Taiwanese food critic as being the best outside of Hong Kong!! Remember to ask for the half fatty/half lean ones. Their 'crispy skin' whole pig style is also very good but I believe Peak Top is slightly better. Again, for moist and succulent meat, ask for the 'rib cut'.

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                                  1. re: Charles Yu

                                    Second John's good stuff there.

                                    Another decent choice is He He Long at Finch and Leslie. Not one standout, but a place where all their stuff is pretty good, so ordering multi-meat combo boxes is good here.

                                    1. re: Wil

                                      I agree He He Long is pretty good overall. I eat their bbq pork almost every other week!

                                      1. re: minto

                                        I think John's is in Chalmer's Gate plaza. Very good bbq, similar in my opinion to Peaktop; I really enjoy the honey flavour. But I also still like the Jug probably because 25 or 30 years ago it was the first place I tried BBQ. Has any one tried the place on Brimley? in a strip mall just north of Sheppard on the west side called Mike's BBQ. It's actually pretty good and it seemed to me that they also did the Filipino style roast pork.

                                      2. re: Charles Yu

                                        Hey Charles: Appreciate you bringing up the nuances of the term Chinese BBQ Pork. Seems most people here equate it to Char Siu. Would a proper term for the other popular style be Chinese Roast Pork?

                                        1. re: T Long

                                          Yes! 'Chinese roast pork' is exactly the term to describe ithe version with the orangy crispy skin. And for the real foodie, there are the 'big' pig and the mid-size pig. And not to forget skylineR33's creme de la creme version - whole roast suckling pig.

                                          1. re: Charles Yu

                                            Thx Charles: I've never seen the suckling pig version of roast pork "off the shelf" so to speak...I understand that's usually a special order and you always buy the whole piglet. But do different Chinese BBQ places in the GTA specialize in the big pig or mid-size...I usually see only one pig being presented or hung at any time and would have to guess the size. Would I be right in assuming that the mid-size is more desirable?

                                            1. re: T Long

                                              You can find the whole suckling piglet at 'Peak-Top' at around 6pm on a Saturday evening. They do sell it by the pound. However, do reserve and order ahead. Chance of walking in and getting some is close to zero! As to whether mid size is more desirable than the big ones? That, I really don't know because frankly, I cannot tell the difference! Its like some gourmand insisting that the left drumstick of Chinese roast goose or duck is tastier than the right because the foul tends to stand on their right foot thus rendering it tougher!!! However, left or right, they all taste the same to me!

                                              1. re: Charles Yu

                                                lol...can't tell if you are being serious or not about the drumstick story.

                                                1. re: T Long

                                                  This 'left side drumstick theory' is very well known amongst Chinese foodies.Try buying half a roast duck from a Chinese BBQ place and insist on the left side. You might get some interesting feed back!

                                                  1. re: Charles Yu

                                                    Haha, yes. I even remember I hear this in some HK TV drama. I hope if you insist on left, they won't charge you more!

                                                2. re: Charles Yu

                                                  Charles, that is hilarious!!!!! And so aptly captures the somtimes appalling minutiae focus of the "gourmand"! I said in another thread that I'd gotten a lot more cynical about this stuff, and frankly my ownly reaction to such an attitude is "get a life"!

                                          2. re: Charles Yu

                                            I think we are talking about Char Siu here. The other whole pig thing is "Roast Suckling Pig". May be OP can confirm what he/she is asking ?

                                            1. re: skylineR33

                                              Yes, I'm looking for char siu, and yes half fat / half lean.

                                            2. re: Charles Yu

                                              Charles, I avoided going to John's in the past after hearing of their shady practice of ladling on copious quantities of their soy sauce into your container of BBQ pork to jack up the weight (even when people ask them not to). Do they still do that?

                                              1. re: Chester Eleganté

                                                I beleive they still do but I havn't heard people complaining since that 'honeyed syrupy soy base sauce' is very yummy! I for one always asked for more sauce, however thats after the pork was weighed.

                                                1. re: Chester Eleganté

                                                  I found this comment so funny. I actually had to check my previous posts to see if I was the one that complained about this.

                                                  I went to John's like 10 years ago because I use to really like John when he worked at Grass Mountain Villa (whatever their old name was and when they still had a BBQ area). He was super nice back then so I went to his shop pretty much as soon as I had a driver's license.

                                                  But the BBQ chopper guy (not John), gave me BBQ pork from the tray (one of the one's on the bottom) dripping in sauce. So I asked specifically for a hanging piece. His reply: "It's the same".

                                                  So I never went back.

                                              2. For those us in east end (well, OK, the Danforth), Ka Ka Lucky Seafood House on Broadview just south of Gerrard, has pretty good BBQ pork. It was recommended to me by the folks at Bill's Lobster.

                                                And a trivia note, the name of the place is pronounced "Kay Kay", not "ca ca", at least according to Bill's.

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                                                1. re: bluedog

                                                  I second that motion! I picked up some BBQ there a couple weeks back and it was great. I also grabbed a small order of braised bean curd which was delicious (on it's own and the balance added to a recipe the next day)