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Apr 23, 2008 06:34 PM

Steak house in DC to rival (nearly) those in NYC

My boyfriend's brother, who lives in NYC, is coming into town this weekend to catch an exhibit at the Portrait Gallery. He's passionate about a good steak and - having lived previously in Chicago - has arguably been around and in some of the better steakhouses. We're trying to figure out a place to go in DC that doesn't necessarily need to "wow" but will leave him happily sated. Is BLT Steak here any good? Other ideas for a sublime steak dinner?

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  1. Ray's the Steaks in Arlington is my favorite. Getting a table could be a problem. When I used to work a couple of blocks away, I would walk over in the afternoon to put my name on the list.

    1. I second Ray's. What will amaze your boyfriend's brother is how a great steak can come reasonably priced, unlike the overpriced steakhouses of NY and Chicago.

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        Definitely Ray's. Arrive by 5 p.m. hungry.

      2. Get to Rays about 415pm. Put your name in, and then eat at 5pm, early. If you don't care about ambiance you'll love it. If you do, don't go there, go to the Capital Grille across from the capital!

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          5th Rays and don't think it is rushed or rundown, just busy and minimalist, if he wants exquisite pampering not for him, if he wants the best steak in DC is for him, and happens to be in a stripmall with some awesome eats, not just a stripmall.

        2. If cheap, loud, crowded and rushed in a rundown Arlington, VA strip mall is what you are looking for, then Rays the Steak is perfect.

          If civilized dining is more to your liking, I recommend The Prime Rib for ambiance, and Capital Grill at 6th and Penn for food and Capital Hill proximity. Neither are as good as New York's best, but your guest will be very content.

          BLT, Charlie Palmer and Bobby Van's are all terrible.

          1. Rays is the place for a good steak, no frills. For a fancy steakhouse I would choose (in order) The Prime Rib, The Palm, Capital Grille & Charlie Palmer over BLT. Men need a jacket and tie at The Prime Rib. Even tho NYC has two Palms and a Capital Grill, the DC branches have a uniquely DC vibe.