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Apr 23, 2008 05:26 PM

Mother's Day in Broward

Any suggestions for Mother's Day would be greatly appreciated. Any cuisine, but something with a pleasant atmosphere for seniors.We can travel anywhere in Broward and would drive to North Dade or Boca for something great. Thanks!

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  1. monty>

    This is our annual struggle - taking the folks to brunch for Mom's Day, Father's Day, Easter, etc.

    We have done the brunch with seniors at Blue Moon, River House, 15th St Fisheries, Kelly's Landing, and The Ark in Broward.

    The atmosphere at the Fisheries was lovely (arrived before noon). The food at River was "meh." The waitresses at Kelly's were friendly and fun. The atmosphere at Ark is nothing great but the buffet is huge.

    In Boca, Abe and Louis went well. In Delray, Luna Rosa by the sea was crowded but tasty... at night we liked DaDa in Delray too...


    1. Cero's @ the St. Regis on A1A is very nice. They are having traditional breakfast downstairs and a fancier brunch (all you can eat) upstairs. The brunch is great, a huge selection of gourmet food including: meats, seafood, omelets, deserts, pastries, etc - It also includes all you can drink Champagne and Bloody Mary's. It normally runs $65/person.

      Its a great atmosphere and a great view of the ocean.