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Aug 13, 2002 06:23 PM

a wakame mystery! help please.

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I'm from New Orleans. All of my favorite sushi places there serve a seaweed salad that has litte green chopped bits of seaweed in it. The texture is nothing like any seaweed salad that I have had out here. Out here, the wakame is leafy large green sheets of seaweed. Back home, the seaweed salad is like little greenish cubes of chewy seaweed, I guess. I was told that this was "wakame" there and that the leafy stuff is "wakame" here. Does anyone know if this is the same item and where I could get the New Orleans style seaweed salad out here?


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  1. I think I tasted some of what you are asking about at Mako Sushi, Weller Court, Little Tokyo. If not, see link.


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      Thanks, MC. I think the picture of the seaweed, second from the left, near the octopus is what I am talking about! I miss that stuff. It's much better than the leafy seaweed salads served here.

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        If we are talking about the same stuff, I think I've seen it in small pieces used as a garnish (for example, at Mako), not a thing to itself (but if they have enough for garnish, why not ask for the whole thing?).

    2. the big leafy sheets sound like kombu (konbu). The wakame I've had was chewier and more like rolled cylindars.

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        Richard Gould-Saltman

        "the New Orleans style seaweed salad". There's a phrase I never thought I'd see.


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          The secret ingredient is Mississippi Delta silt.

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            I knew that line would generate some chuckles.

          2. It sound to me like Tosaka nori. It come in different shades red, white, and green.


            1. try going to mitsuwa marketplace. they sell wakame salad in a small styrofoam containers in the refrigerated section. i'm almost sure it's what you're describing--but it's longer strips not cubes. very crunchy/chewy with an almost-tart flavor from the vinegar and bits of chili. it also has sesame seeds.