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Apr 23, 2008 04:52 PM

Vegas - Apps & Drinks for dinner

Hi hounds,

We'll be visiting Vegas from SF next week for 3 days. Have reservations for DB for Friday night. So for Saturday dinner, instead of a full dinner at one the restaurants, I was thinking of hitting up a couple of nice restaurants and go to the bar for apps and drinks. From my research so far, Bubble Bar and Aureole sounds like a good start. Does anyone have any other recs?


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  1. Twice at the MGM we've hit three restaurant bars for apps/drinks/dessert. It's lots of fun but we've only ventured it on Thursdays - places are a lot more crowded on weekends.

    Anyway, last Thursday we did drinks and app sampler (not great) at Nobhill then went over to SeaBlue where we had the tandoori octopus app, yummy as usual, and then I had a salad (choose 10 ingredients out of a really long list) and my husband had a soup trio. What with the nice pita bread with three spreads served at SeaBlue, we were actually pretty full at that point. We'd originally thought to go to Craftsteak for a couple more apps but we didn't. We took a break for some pai gow and then went to Emeril's for dessert (banana cream pie a shadow of its former self, more like banana cream cheesecake, what happened to that custardy texture?).

    The prior time, last November, we did drinks and apps at SeaBlue, then drinks and Kobe tartare app and hen of the woods mushrooms at Craftsteak, then a break for cards, then Fiamma for a shared pasta and dessert and more drinks. I really have to pace myself with the drinks.

    So each "MGM dine around" as we call it was pretty successful. Not sure how you'd fare getting around the Strip on a Saturday night, I prefer the concept of staying in the same hotel.