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Apr 23, 2008 04:40 PM

Le Patissier

I stumbled on this new place (well not really that new) while walking home tonight. A dessert restaurant (alla Finale) on the main floor of Troquet. About a dozen different desserts plus their excellent cheese selection. I was not up for dessert just then but I did try two of the seven "savory" items on the menu. The small lobster taco's ($11) were great as was the grilled pizza with fresh tomatoes and buffalo Mozzarella($9). I will report back when I try some of the desserts but expect them to be up to par with the rest of Troquet's fare. It was not very busy but I did see many people going straight upstairs to Troquet. A nice addition, and maybe another (better) option to Finale.

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  1. Finally got back to Le Patissier after a great dinner of dumplings and Peking duck at King Fung! Four of us split 5 desserts.
    Ranked by my favorites:
    #1 Dark chocolate souffle with caramel ice cream (just awsome chocolate flavor, everything you would want in a souffle, tall, light and hot)
    #2 Lemon trio: lemon pudding, lemon sorbet and lemon meringue tart ( my DC favorite of the night, very clean flavors)
    #3 Cookies n Cream: about 6 different fresh cookies and a small malted milk shake! (remined me of my chilhood, very very good)
    #4 Pistachio beignets: Light hot doughnuts crusted in pistachios with a cherry bellini slush (sounded strange but it worked
    #5 Flourless chocolate cake with espresso ice cream ( very good flavor but the least exciting of the lot)
    Overall an outstanding experience, will be going back soon, they have 7or 8 more desserts that I have to try plus a three course dessert tasting menu.
    Total bill for five desserts, three glasses of dessert wine and coffee $76

    1. I am amazed that Le Patissier has not gotten more attention on this board. I have been there a few times now and have thoroughly enjoyed it every time. Pastry Sarah Woodfine is doing an excellent job in creating delicious desserts. Some of the menu items change regularly, dependent on the season and what is currently fresh.

      As csammy mentioned, the Dark Chocolate Souffle is incredible. And it comes with an exceptional salted caramel ice cream that has just the right balance of creaminess, salt and caramel. The Apple Crisp Souffle is equally as good. The Pumpkin Beignets are another excellent choice, though they won't be on the menu too much longer. The menu will see a number of changes in about 2 weeks or so.

      I recommend that you check it out.

      1. I found out about Le Patissier from this thread and tried it out with a group of friends on Saturday night. We had a great time. I had a lovely portion of sticky toffee pudding with a nice sweet caramel sauce, and the cranberry pumpkin bread pudding, Hazelnut delice and a Lemon trio sampler were equally enjoyed. We all loved the seasonal inclusions!

        Thanks for the great suggestion, we will be back.