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Apr 23, 2008 04:38 PM

Best bakery/sweets in Brooklyn?

Where should I go?

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    1. re: JFores

      pastries, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate...

      1. re: c.r.ashcroft

        Almondine in DUMBO for the best baguette. their pastries are good, but not amazing. but the bread is wonderful. also, if they happen to have jelly donuts when you are there (they don't always make them), get some. so good. and then you can go across the street and get jacques torres chocolates.

        1. re: c.r.ashcroft

          For cakes, cupcakes, and cookies check out Baked -- Van Brunt St. in Red Hook. Very tasty and fresh without going the cloyingly sweet, frosting-heavy route like many other places. The "Red Hook Red Hot" cupcake is definitely worth a try.

      2. Marquet Patisserie on Court and Warren.

        1. I like Betty on Atlantic in Boerum Hill for cakes and cupcakes. The chocolate cake is always super good.

          1. Cake Man Raven has delicious cakes in Fort Greene (, which they sell by the slice ($6 each for a huge slice) to walk-ins, or as whole cakes if you order ahead. Be prepared to wait in a long line if you go on a Sunday afternoon.

            There are some often overlooked pastry shops in Williamsburg - Settepani on Lorimer between Skillman and Conselyea, and Fortunato Brothers on the corner of Manhattan Ave and Devoe. I wouldn't call either of them "the best" at anything, but they're nice stops for sweet treats if you're in the neighborhood. Fortunato Bros carries mostly Italian-style pastries and has a small cafe area to eat and have coffee. Settepani serves French tarts and other baked goods, along with Italian dolci.

            Peter Pan Donuts in Greenpoint has a loyal following among some chowhounds (

            Junior's, of course, has been said to have some of New York's best cheesecake. Fortunately, that is hardly the case. My recommendation would be to stay far, far away!!

            1. sweet melissa on court - their service if you're sitting in is questionable, but their desserts are pretty great.

              the chocolate chip cookies at jacques torres (or in icecream sandwich version in the summer, or maybe all year round, not sure?) are incredible.

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              1. re: vatl619

                I agree with the suggestions posted so far, inc. Almondine, Jacques Torres Chocolate, Baked, and Sweet Melissa's (Park Slope branch too). I would also add the Chocolate Room; Ladybird (formerly know as Two Red Hens); Damascus for middle eastern sweets; and Downtown Atlantic for cupcakes. Also, is Villabate stilll good for Italian pastries?