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Apr 23, 2008 04:37 PM

Toronto Dim Sum & St. Lawrence Mkt

Planning a trip to Toronto for May. Haven't been in a few years. We love dim sum and used to go to one of the oldtime traditional dim sum houses in Chinatown.Thought it was on Spidina and had a garish orange front. Need suggestions as to where we can find good dim sum now.
Also, is the St. Lawrence Market still a fun place to visit and buy meat and fish to bring home? Other suggestions please. We're real foodies !! many thanks.

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  1. I can't vouch for the Chinatown dim sum since I haven't been to one in quite a long time but I am of the opinion that you can get good meats and fish at St. Lawrence... but the seafood there is typically somewhat pricey.

    1. There is great dim sum on the south west corner of spadina and dundas. It is a shopping mall. When you go inside, take the elevator to the top floor- welcome to dim sum heaven

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        it's called sky dragon. I haven't been for a couple years, but recall it being pretty good.

        What kind of meat and fish do you have in mind? what travels well?

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          I like Rol San for dim sum out of all the places I've tried in downtown chinatown.

          Its on Spadina, North of Dundas on the East side. Go around 10:30am to avoid line ups on the weekend.

          Rol San Restaurant‎
          323 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T 2E9, Canada

          Oh and Lee Garden a few steps North for dinner.

          And King's Noodles is good too ... they have a few dim sum items. Plus many asian fast foods.

          I've been to for dinner is good too.
          Wah Sing Seafood Restaurant‎
          47 Baldwin Street ... its near McCaul
          Toronto, ON M5T 1L1, Canada
          (416) 599-8822

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            Second the idea of Rol San. It's my favourite for economical/traditional dim sum in Chinatown. Usually runs about $15 per person when I've gone.

            You mention you're real foodies...would you be willing to spend $30-$45 per person on innovative/deluxe dim sum? If you are, I'd then suggest you try Lai Wah Heen in the Metropolitan Hotel.

        2. Yup, St. Lawrence is still pretty awesome. Funny thing too, I find their prices cheaper than at the big chain groceries that have meat of less quality.

          1. If you have no choice, but Chinatown, then yes. Sky Dragon on Spadina is the place.
            If you can spare the 5 minute cab ride - Lai Wah Heen is really good but really expensive. Pearl at the waterfront is awesome and they have carts. King Garden at King and Simcoe is also pretty decent And my "go to" in Yorkville is Dynasty on Bloor on the second floor just east of Avenue. If you are looking for good dim sum places these days, downtown is probably not the place to look.

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