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Apr 23, 2008 04:16 PM

Best Rodizio

I'd love to hear the latest thinking on rodizio places in Newark or elsewhere. Was set to reserve for a special occasion at Brasilia Grill when I heard some negative chatter online.
Only concern is there will be 2 young boys in our party of 12.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I personally LOVE Brasilia Grill. It was recommended to me strongly by some of my Brazilian customers in Newark, and my family and I have really enjoyed great meals there. There is literally nothing I have eaten there that I didn't love. The food is fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is fun, too. I don't have children, but I have seen many families there with young children. They offer a regular menu, as well--if there is anyone in your party that doesn't want the rodizio.

      1. Try Seabra's on Rt. 21. They serve Rodizio as well...

        Their info as ff:
        1034 McCarter Hwy
        Newark, NJ 07102
        (973) 622-6221

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        1. re: mazcona

          I second Seabra's, extensive salad bar, sushi, and the most authentic rodizio I have ever had.If you are lucky they will have the alligator tail as well.

          1. re: currymouth

            I have had many friends tell me Seabra's is much better than Brasilia. I have been to Brasilia, but not to Seabra's. My first time at Brasilia was during the Soccer World Cup one year and the place was very festive. I was very impressed with the quality and selection of meats with the Rodizio....albeit, it was very salted. There were many cuts of beef not normally served. The Buffet portion was less than stellar in my opinion. Unfortunately, I cannot say my second and third trips were as memorable.......the selection of meats was far less on both occasions and the same items kept coming around. My thoughts were after my second and third trips were along the lines of.....what I experienced here the first time is nothing remotely the same as the second or third times here. Would I go back....the short answer is yes, but I would not rush.

            I have heard many good things about Fernandes II Steak House. It is on my short list to try next time I plan to visit Newark or the Ironbound section.


            1. re: fourunder

              Never been to Fernandes II , but looks like one to put on the short list. We have eaten at Seabras several times and noticed no decline in the quality or quantity of the fare. I must say however, I make the trip to Newark for all the great salt cod dishes that the Portugese are so famous for.

              1. re: currymouth

                Another place worth consideration is Greenfield Churrascaria Brazilian Barbecue in Hackensack next to Riverside Square Mall.

                Greenfield Churrascaria Inc
                450 Hackensack Ave

                While some may argue it is not as authentic as dining in Newark's IronBound, and it is slightly more expensive(afterall, it is in Bergen County) previous experiences at GF have been good to very good. The meats I find are not as salted and the different choices are more than adequate. Where GF is better in my opinion is the accompanying buffet. There are many more options and selections from salads, vegetables, fresh fruits, soups, chicken and fish prepared many different ways.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Another one for the short list! Thanks fourunder.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    I have to say that when it first opened several years ago, I thought Greenfield was decent. However, we went there for a family birthday dinner during this past winter and it was so, so bad and disappointing. The quality of the food on the buffet and the rodizio were deplorable. And it was empty for dinner service, which was scary.

                    I haven't tried Seabra's, and based on the recommendations here, I think I will. But I have to say, I've been to Brasilia several times now (most recently last Friday night), and I can say it is really, really good.

                    1. re: kimie

                      if you are eating here you must go for dinner. When I ate there a few years ago, they charged the same price for lunch as dinner and have a small selection of grilled meats for lunch compared to the dinner menu.

                      1. re: northNJfoodie

                        That's only if you go on the weekends. During the week, lunch is about half the price of dinner, and you get probably about 85% of what you'd get for dinner. I splurge for the dinner once in a while for the fancy stuff like the whole pig, the grilled pineapple, etc. but the lunch is a better value.

                        And I agree, this is a good place. They've been around a solid decade or so. They had a few years when they lost their minds and turned the buffet into standard Chinese food, but they've gotten most of the Brazilian/Spanish foods back (they did keep the sushi though, which actually isn't bad). It's convenient for those who don't want to schlep into Newark.

                        BTW, it's great that we can get good rodizio here in Jersey for a cost that won't bankrupt most people. I laugh when I see people talking about the rodizio chains Fogo de Chao and Texas de Brazil costing $50+ for dinner. No wonder we don't have these chains in Jersey. Our $25-$30 rodizios would kill 'em.