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Aug 13, 2002 06:10 PM


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Does anyone remember or know what happened to Gloria's, a purple road-side stand sort of place located north of Olympic and West of Bundy (can't remember exact street, but somewhere in that vicinity)? This was a wonderful El Salvadorian family-run place that served up delicious burritos and other fare at very reasonable prices.

Recently, a friend and I tried to find it and were very disappointed that it seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Does anyone know of this place? It's fate? Or where it might have moved? Thanks!

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  1. Gloria is now charming guests at the former La Palma restaurant on Venice Blvd nr Clarington.

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    1. re: Mr Grub

      Thanks. Do you have the name of the (former La Palma) restaurant? Or is it still Gloria's?

      1. re: Cattus

        Las Palmas is now Gloria's. A word on Gloria's from a longtime fan (from the stand days):

        You could go there and have a mediocre experience or you could order the bistek encebollada. Also recommended: pupsuas, large Salvadorean beers, Laker games at the bar...

        1. re: Est Nyboer

          I totally agree about the bistek encebollada. Excellent Steak and Grilled Onions. There are much better Pupusas and Tamales elsewhere.