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Apr 23, 2008 04:11 PM

Super Quick Question-Pork and Chicken Together?

I want to marinade chicken and pork in the same marinade and cook at the same time on the grill to test my new spice mixture/marinade. Any reason not to marinade the two meats in the same bag?


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  1. Well, the biggest reason not to would be cross contamination. Chicken needs to be cooked to 160 or so to kill the salmonella. Pork on the other hand (depending on the cut) would be dried out at this temperature.

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    1. re: vanillagorilla

      So just the two in the same marinade would cause me to have to cook the pork to the higher temp???

    2. I would marinate them separately to avoid getting bacterial contamination. You might be okay cooking them and then mixing together. I have cooked chicken and cooked pork and put them together in the same dish. I don't recall mixing them together before they were cooked though.

      1. Thanks for the quick feedback. I put them in separate bags just to be safe. I was hoping to save a tiny piece of the planet by using one bag.

        Still, any other feedback is welcome.

        I'm doing chicken pieces and country ribs on the grill, so I was going to cook each type of meat until properly done...

        You rock, for your quick response!

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        1. re: scuzzo

          Save two tiny pieces of the planet -- don't marinate in plastic bags at all. Use glass or ceramic bowls or dishes and cover with their own lids, if they come with ones (like Pyrex or Corning), or cover with wax paper and use rubber bands to keep in place. Use a narrow, deep container to maximize marinade-to-surface contact.

          1. re: nemo

            Yes, BETTER. The old brain needs jogging...out of the old groove. I just never think about anything but the old zipperbag for marinating! Great words. At least I often wash and reuse plastic bags!

            1. re: scuzzo

              If you can use a fairly flat oblong or rectangular dish, you will find that the marinade will work better. I like to use a plastic dish with a cover. Then I can just take that out to the girl with me and use the marinade as a mopping sauce for the meats as they cook.