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Apr 23, 2008 04:08 PM

Where can I get a wedding cake that's good and cheap?


I am looking for a wedding cake that tastes and looks good, but can't afford to pay a lot.

Can anyone recommend a place in Montreal that can make great wedding cake for cheap?

Thanks a lot

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    1. When I got married a couple of years ago, we got our wedding cake at Patisserie Aphroditi (750 St-Roch) in Park Ex. It feed a little over 100 guests, plus we kept the top tier for the our anniversary. It cost $375. That was in 2006 though. Not sure what the prices are now. I am of the opinion that they make some of the best cakes around and won't break your bank.

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        We had a traditional French croque en bouche made at Patisserie Aphroditi. I don't remember how much it was, but I remember thinking it was very reasonable. Our guests loved it.

      2. I got mine from B Sweet, for 60 people and there was a lot left over...I got married in May 2006, but It was 3 tiers, and decorated with small sugar flowers all over. With delivery to the venue the day of, it was less than $ 275. It was great a month later too for my 1 month anniversary, we had frozen it after the wedding...

        9500 boulevard de l'Acadie
        Montréal, QC H4N 1L8
        (514) 389-4007‎

        1. Your reception hall may have a designated decorator or two. Keep in mind there are a number of talented independent decorators out there.

          Could you share with us your budget and expected number of guests?

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