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Apr 23, 2008 04:01 PM

Le Pigeon or Castagna?

I am in Portland just for tonight and want good french food and an interesting wine list. These two fit the bill. Which should I pick?

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    1. I'll take Le Pigeon, for the win!

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. My time to chose came before the responses though so I actually ended up at Castagna. I was fairly pleased. I got the three course meal, which was a great deal. Started with a glass of Loire Sauvignon and a potato leek soup. The wine was great, the soup was rather bland. Needed salt and not much potato flavor. Went with a Phillipe Alliet Chinon (fantastic!) with the entree of roasted pork loin. Two nicely sized slices of perfectly cooked pork loin with a nice herb crust. The extra single rib was a tasty bonus. There was also some nice rapini and some unremarkable, but tasty roasted potatoes on the side. Desert was a duo of creme brulee and chocolate pot de creme. Both were good, but the three cookies served with them were the best part! Service was attentive yet casual and the place's atmoshpere was low key and elegant. I would probably go back again when visiting town, but with the three votes for Le Pigeon, I would have to give that a try first.

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            Thanks for the info! I haven't been to Castagna in years, so it's really nice to hear how it was. Interestingly, there was a huge brouhaha here a couple of years ago when a local restaurant reviewer for one of the free weekly papers (the James Beard award-nominated Jim Dixon) reviewed it and complained that the food was undersalted. However, the restaurant owners complained because they felt that there should have been a note with the review that Jim Dixon also has a business that sells gourmet salt. You can read a summary of the whole thing here:

            And if you're interested in buying salt or olive oil from Jim Dixon, you can find him on certain weeks at Portland Farmers Market--see Jim's website at for details.