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Apr 23, 2008 03:55 PM

Casual Dining Friday Night - Figs?

Hey there Chowhounds,

I have a guest coming in Friday and I'm looking for somewhere to enjoy an early (6PM) Friday dinner. The idea of going to a Todd English place has come up, and I know Olives has taken some flak from posters here, but I've heard Figs is still good. Is Figs definitely the superior place, or has Olives rebounded recently?

We're looking for Italian for the night and I had thought of somewhere like Figs or Harvard Gardens. How well do these places rate? Is there somewhere that would be a better choice for us? If Figs is good, is the Beacon Hill location better than the Charlestown spot? I'm open to any recommendations, but it seemed like these places would suit us well.

Finally, any recommendations on somewhere for dessert?

I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Has anyone been to Figs recently? Is it worth the trip?

    1. I have always really liked Figs and I think it is the only Todd English locale that is consistently good. I have only been to the one on beacon hill, so i cannot comment on the Charlestown location, but I would venture to guess its very good also. The atmosphere is very chaotic and its a bit cramped, but if you are going early you probably won't have to wait and it won't be so bad.

      I don't know that I would qualify Figs as "Italian" other than the fact that they have pizza, but the food is very good. I haven't been to Olives in a couple of years, so I'm not sure if it's gotten any better recently. It used to be great... If you want true Italian, maybe think of something in the North End instead. I always like Antico Forno or Taranta for a great meal. Also, Rocca in the South End is a great, trendy restaurant.

      For dessert... perhaps go over to the North End? If it's a nice night, it is always fun to walk Hanover Street and get a pastry or cookies at Modern Pastry or something for dessert. Can't go wrong there!


      1. Figs is ok, Harvard Gardens IMO is better. However, if you're looking for Italian, why not head to the North End.

        1. If you're interested in good Italian in Beacon Hill, I highly recommend Grotto. Just as good as the best places in the North End IMHO.

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            I like Figs as well. I had dinner at the BH location on Tuesday and had a great meal. The four of us ordered two pizzas, for a total of four different varieties - red sox, eggplant, fig & prosciutto, and pulled chicken. The fig is always one of my favorites and the red sox (roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, sweet sausage, tomato sauce & mustard aioli) was really tasty, if a bit heavy on the aioli. I've never tried their pastas, but one of my dinner companions was raving about the butternut squash ravioli she had on a prior visit.
            For red-sauce italian in the BH area I like Antonio's on Cambridge St. It's not fancy but the prices are very reasonable and the food is great.