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Apr 23, 2008 03:31 PM

i finally made it to Angel's Share

after years of hearing about it, and i'm in love with the place. I only was there long enough to have one drink, and no snacks, but the atmosphere, the mixology, the feeling, the decor were all top notch.

i had an "old oak" i think it was called - dark rum, some kind of sherry with an unpronouncable name and orange bitters. SO good.

I need to go back , explore more cocktails, and the nibbles as well, but i already love it. now stay away so i can get in.

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  1. yes, it is amazing. here's to hoping it stays that way...

    1. i love Angel's Share too, but i'll caution you that the food isn't all that great...the mackeral sashimi is good, and the fried oysters are passable, but it's really about the cocktails and coziness, not the food...

      1. 'the mixology'...i drink scotch so i wouldnt know but yeah, unlike milk and honey and all those places, at least this one makes no bones about who they are and what they do.

        1. thinking about going here friday night...late though, like around 1am. how would the waiting time be? how much were the drinks?

          1. Anyone been to Angel's Share recently? I hadn't been in at least a year and stopped by last week and was terribly disappointed. Nothing like I remembered it. Waitstaff were somewhat snotty, and after 20 minutes with no drinks, we were getting out coats on to bail when our two drinks came. One was a house cocktail that turned out to be dull. The other was terrible and, something unusual for me, undrinkable. I've encountered numerous versions of Singapore Sling before and they're all kinda enjoyable, even tho I don't like sweet drinks much. This tasted like dull slightly lemon soda with a whiff of gin. What a dissappointment. I've crossed A.S. off my list.

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              i was there a week ago friday. the staff was exactly as it had always been, pretty much the same people. the drinks tasted fine. now there was a wait, but it was a friday at about 9 pm, so no surprise there. i was ticked off at the hostess who did the seating (who i had never seen before - but i rarely go on a friday) because we were a party of 3, with one party of 2 in front of us, and one party of 2 behind us. a 4 top opened up as she asked the 2's if they minded being seated together. now - on a friday night you mostly have couples, which means 2 seats will open together far more frequently than 3 or 4. it's jsut a basic misunderstanding of the mechanics of her job. we basically got shoved into a 2 top for the 3 of us. but i did say something before she seated us about why she made the wrong move , and i think for that reason when a larger space opened up she let us move to it.

              but the waiters and the bartenders and the drinks are all pretty much the same as they have always been. i had my usual old oak (dark rum sherry & bitters i think) but then the people i was with said they were inspired by my always talking about gin, to get over their gin phobia , so the next round we all had really good gin drinks. and the snacks were all tasty and overpriced. just as they have always been.

                1. re: Up With Olives

                  I love going there, but thew is right -- the hostesses seem to be frequently inept at strategizing on the seating; and it's very frustrating!

                  1. re: chompchomp

                    There was no host to be seen when we arrived so we took an empty table. They almost executed us when they saw us.

                    1. re: Up With Olives

                      Wow - I've never had the courage to do that. I salute you for trying.

                      I find myself at Angel's Share probably once every month or so; it's become my go-to for cocktails, displacing Temple Bar (which I miss terribly, but I can only go to one at a time!). It doesn't seem to have changed at all - the waiters have been there for years - except that it's gradually become more "known," meaning you're likely to encounter some parties who don't know the rules, talk loudly, etc. Also, the featured drinks change quite frequently, which can be a shame when one of your favorites leaves the menu. I adored the Bootlegger, from last winter, and every so often they agree to make me one. I would drink that with my coffee in the morning if I could. Sigh...