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Apr 23, 2008 03:20 PM

bars w/yummy food & space to sit???

hi all-

looking for bars/lounges/casual restos that a group of folks (4-6 maybe) could go and get a seat (reservation or walk in) on a friday or saturday night

as if that wasn't enough to ask- good food and/or creative fun cocktails?

prefer somerville/cambridge, but anything on public transport will work


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  1. My favorite for that profile is Eastern Standard (do not get over the river enough!), but their bartending is superb, they have a fantastic cocktail list, the food is great for sharing or full dinner, the space is inviting. I don't know about walk-in for a weekend night though. If you can snag a couple of the high-top tables by the bar that's perfect for a group of that size.

    1. It all depends on timing. I'm a camping sort of gal, and I've been accused of having a hallow leg, so I can sustain a table for quite a while. Some of my go-tos on this side of the river:

      River Gods (esoteric menu; competent, but not particularly creative, bar tending)
      The Druid (good Irish food; basic beers and whiskeys)
      Middlesex/Enormous Room (varying levels of food; same for cocktails; more lounge-y)
      BSide (excellent bartending; menu has slipped over the years)
      Gargoyles (fabulous food; fabulous bartending; harder to get a seat)
      West Side Lounge (interesting wine list; good food; sometimes easy to get a seat)
      East Coast Grille (get there before 6:30pm for bar seats)
      Chez Henri (more intimate; cubano; rum-based drinks)
      Sagra (completely easy to get a seat, competent, vodka-heavy bartending, good frying)
      Bukowski's (beers on tap, basic food, easy to get seats)

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        Just a quick shout to Chez Henri - went by late last night (my, the Forest Cafe was mobbed for the 5th of May) - had an interesting addition to their cocktail list - of course I can't remember the name but it was the one with celery juice and bourbon - after the first smack of celery stalk, it mellowed quite a bit and was an intriguing "tropical" drink. The periodista was as good as ever. The bar was a little loud so we just popped around the corner to the restaurant side with our cocktails and cheese plate (3 choices for $10.95), which was decent. The bartender was very kind to keep checking on us. It was very nice to pop in there and not have it be totally mobbed with people. I also feel like it gets pigeon-holed here a bit for the Cubano, etc. It does many other items well too. Just an all-around good experience.

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          but could a group walk in on a fri or sat and expect to sit?

          1. re: bonber

            Def w/ a reservation, walk in ... thatm ight be tough.

            1. re: bonber

              It depends on the time in my experience - if before 7p arrival, probably - much after that, definitely make a reservation on Fri or Sat night. Otherwise, it's perfect for what you asked.

          2. abother place with great cocktails is Deep Ellum. It is on public transit from Harvard Square, but is in Allston (at Cambridge Street, where it becomes Union Square). The food is pretty good, the beer and cocktail list is amazing.

            1. Silvertone has a cheap and decent menu and the Good Life has a great selection of cocktails and vodkas plus great food.