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Apr 23, 2008 02:16 PM

Red Chili Pepper Flakes Without Seeds

I have been looking for red pepper flakes without seeds around the net and in the markets without any luck. Anyone know of a source?

Best Regards

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  1. It depends on which red chili you are looking for! If you are looking for any of the Hispanic varieties sold at any local hispanic grocer it would not be hard to make your own. Just deseed the pepper and coursely grind it in a food processor. For larger chiles like an arbol or one of the packages of dried Hatch chilies I would suggest putting it in a dry oven on very low heat for about an hour to get any excess moisture that had been introduced during its shelf life or packaging. I usually make all my chili powders out of a variety of chilis that are locally available. I am not sure of your location but you might try Pendery's (8th Ave) in Fort Worth or Penzey's Spices in Dallas (Preston & LBJ)

    1. is this due to diverticulitis/osis (can't ever remember which ending)? if you are successful in finding, please let me know as my father suffers from it also.

      nb, this is not the same thing as chili powder--unless i'm wrong, the op is referring to the "italian restaurant style" red pepper flakes. i agree that it is easy to make powders from fresh chilis as well.

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        Yes , I am making pork breakfast sausage and like to use it in my cooking. It is because of diverticulitis. I haven,t found any yet. Yet have looked at the sources suggested. I am still looking around today on the net at the Turkish suggestions. It looks like I might have to make my own as mentioned in another post here. Let me know if you find any also.

      2. If you can find a Turkish grocery store in your area, they will have loads of it: "pul biber" (pepper flakes). There are different styles — more or less dried, bigger or smaller flakes — but I think it's always seedless. Here's a photo:

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          well, i never would have guessed! thanks for the info--i'll pass it on to my folks!


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            Thanks to everyone for the great resources and info! Appreciate it.

        2. You can buy dried whole chilies, take the seeds out and chop the rest in a blender.

          1. If you can get to an Asian grocery store, like H Mart in Carrollton, look for the Korean red pepper flakes. They normally come in plastic bags...rather large-ish. I have never seen seeds in them when my mother would use them in her cooking. The whole packages seems always to be bright red.
            Hope this helps.