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Apr 23, 2008 02:14 PM

Great Kabob, Shawerma, Gyros - Pico and Fairfax Area FINALLY!

I live near Pico and La Cieniga, which is a haven for anything Kosher.

Unfortunately for me, I love all kabob... except for Kosher. I've been to Haifa which is alright, but overpriced.... and just not as tasty as other Mediterranean style food. I just want a quick Mediterranean meal or pita sandwich, great sides and reasonable price.

Anyway, I'm writing this because 4 days ago I was driving on eastward on Pico, past Fairfax and saw "City Best Chicken" on the north side of the road (5303 W. Pico, 90019). It's a little farther east than I usually travel on Pico, so I had never seen it before.

I have literally been there 4 days in a row to make sure I was positive about it before posting. So far I have had the chicken shawerma, the chicken kabob, the chicken lula (like koobideh), and the beef and lamb gyros, along with tabouleh, hommus, mutabel (babaganus), greek salad, etc.

Everything is delicious! The place is clean, staff friendly (seems to be a family joint, I think Armenians), there's a little sunny outdoor patio, it even has a parking lot (only holds 4 cars, but plenty of st. parking).

Another thing i love about the place is the entrees come with a choice of 4 sides. I really like Gaby's Mediterranean on Venice, but to get all the sides you need to order that appetizer platter... gets pricey, and not exactly local. Here you choose the 4 you want with your meal - it's perfect!

Anyway, the place has consistently been empty every day I have been there... which is a huge shame. It's clean, seems newish, the food is great - there's no reason it shouldn't be packed. I made this post because I don't want my new favorite, local kabob joint to shut down.

If you live or work in the area you should really check it out. Its 4 or 5 blocks east of Fairfax on Pico, north side of the road. I realize this seems like some covert advertising, but I'm just an impassioned customer - I swear (check my previous posts, FishFood is legit).

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  1. Have you tried Sinai Butcher on Pico? They have excellent kabobs and are reasonable.

    1. What kind of meat do they use for their gyros? Is it that weird Grecian Delight loaf stuff?

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        1. re: Frommtron

          It looks scarier than it is.... it's really just a meatloaf molded to mount on a vertical spit.

          Mr Taster

        2. re: Ernie

          It's persian food, therefore kababs instead of gyros. It's actually mainly a butcher with this small very casual restaurant inside, so they use actual fresh quality meats from the butcher.

          1. re: jlq3d3

            Thanks, that is good to know. My quest for real Greek-style gyros continues . . .

            1. re: Ernie

              That makes 2 of us. I wonder where to go...

        3. Great to hear about this place. I will definitely try it out.

          1. I like Nagila on Pico near Doheny, I've even seen cops eating there.

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            1. re: zra

              I definitely don't think Nagila is any good. When the OP wrote about City Best Chicken, I was hoping for something much better than Nagila, which I find mediocre at best.

            2. Thank you SO much! It's right across the street from our Church and have wondered about it (We tend to be there WAY before it opens... and the Church Ladies feed us well. :)) We'll def. have to check it out!