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Apr 23, 2008 02:14 PM

San Diego -- where to buy scallops?

I have a hankering for coquilles st.-jacques but have never made it myself. Any recs for buying scallops? The bf works downtown/Pt Loma and I'm in La Jolla so somewhere we could stop on our way home in south easterly directions would be great.

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  1. Believe it or not, I'd say Costco or Ranch 99. Costco has a seafood display on weekends. Ranch 99 has them all week.

    There's talk of Point Loma Seafood on this board, but I've never been, so I'll suggest a search of the board for other POVs about it.

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      Whole Foods Hillcrest had some HUGE diver scallops last Saturday. I didn't by tany (was getting some mussels for the grill) but they caught my attention.

      Point Loma Seafood is always a safe bet.

      El Pescador in La Jolla is good.

      Catalina Offshore Products is worth a visit.

      There's also that fish market on India St. that for some reason I'm drawing a blank on...

    2. BF could stop by Point Loma Seafood.

      You can swing by El Pescador on Pearl street in La Jolla. Very reliable seafood source.

      1. Costco on Morena usually has large sea scallops, they taste excellent and are reasonable.

        1. Great looking scallops at Costco the other day..around 12 of them for around $10 bucks.
          Sometimes just getting into PLS is such a hassle and they are pricey too.
          El Pescador is one of my fav's for the fish sandwiches but I have never bought fish from my local surfer guys..

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I get all my fish from El Pescador and have never gotten anything that wasn't excellent. The cute surfers are a bonus attraction! I like PLSF too--bigger selection but more pricey and hard to find a parking space sometimes.

            1. re: keena

              Known a lot of them since they were to young to work but support them in their surf endeavors..most of them surf for Rusty.
              They have great seafood and instead of hauling my butt over to Costco, since I can save the money in gas to go a couple of blocks.

          2. Thanks for the replies! BF ended up working too late for Point Loma Seafood, so he got the diver scallops geekyfoodie saw in WF in Hillcrest. He got about a pound for $27.50, so I was paranoid I'd screw them up, but it came out perfectly. (ps Tony Bourdain's Coquille St Jacques recipe rocks!)

            I'll definately try El Pescador next time I want seafood and it's not rush hour. Thanks again!

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              Glad you found them and the recipe worked! One little correction though... Ewilensky's the one who saw them at WF. ;)

              1. re: geekyfoodie

                Yes, but somehow she knows I'm a geek as well ;-)

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                  Sorry! for some reason I always get confused whether the author of the post is the name above or the one below.

                2. re: fauteuil

                  What did you serve along with the Coquille St. Jacques?

                  What traditionally goes well with that? Mac-N-Cheese? Risotto? Or are those too heavy? Mashed Potatoes? Butternut Squash?