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Apr 23, 2008 01:59 PM

Fresh anchovies & sardines & smelt

Hi! Does anybody know where I can buy some of these fresh?


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  1. Citarella often has fresh sardines.

    1. I saw all 3 I believe in the fish markets on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx last weekend. Also the fish markets in Chinatown should have at least some of them.

      1. I love the Spanish boquerones I buy online from La Tienda. They are on sale right now, so if you're interested, a good chance to save a few bucks.

        1. Sardines will be easy. Most fishmongers will have them, including decent grocery stores. Go with Citarella if you can; their fish is usually the best around, but it ain't cheap.

          Smelt must have a season, because it only shows up every so often. I'd ask the fishmonger you end up using.

          Anchovies are really hard to find, which is sad because fresh anchovies are so delicious. Boquerones are great, but they're not fresh. I'm excited to hear that they might be available on Arthur Ave. Biondanonima, how sure are you that you saw anchovies?

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            Not 100%, but I vaguely remember seeing "acciughe" on a sign in one of the markets. I would call Randazzo's and confirm before I trekked all the way up there.

          2. I saw fresh sardines and smelt at Citarella last week.

            Sunrise Mart in EV often has fresh smelt and sardines as well.