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Apr 23, 2008 01:58 PM

Elegant Truffle-Point Loma, SD

Don't you just HATE when you find a chocolatier has opened a shop less than a mile from your house andhas been there for 5 WEEKS and you had no idea the place was there????
Just a few blocks further on Scott Street in Point Loma beyond Point Loma Seafoods (behind Luna Notte, next to La Scala) is a cute new truffle shop!
Their homemade french-style caramel was AMAZING, as was the chocolate cheesecake, orange angelfood cake and homemade marshmallow, and chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. I did not try the truffles, as I prefer the cocoa dusted ones, not the ones dipped in hard chocolate, but I will go back and give these a try to. They seem to do different desserts each day, as well as an assortment of chocolate things. They are VERY generous with the samples. I say to give them a try!

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  1. This in in my hood too and I waited and waited for the place to open. The shop is delightful and the owner is working very hard to make a go of it. I have been back four times since they opened. The chocolate cheesecake is amazing and it gets better as it ages. Chocolate dipped fruits are beautiful and delicious. I havent tried the truffles either because I keep giving them away as gifts (and noboby has offered to share). Another nice perk is the wine merchant across the street is familiar with the product at ET and can suggest appropriate pairings.

    The Elegant Truffle
    1111 Scott Street
    San Diego CA 92106

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      I was distracted from other neighborhood events because I was spending my time drooling outside Cupcake Squared waiting for that to open!

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        Heh heh, I had my eye on Cupcakes too. I was also stalking Solare for the longest time.

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          BTW, I think the Cupcake Squared people have taken to heart the comments from this website--the two we tried today, Chocolate and Almond, were PERFECT, moist cake and light, not too sweet icing. I had found them to dry the last couple of visits.

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            I did cupcake reconnisance at CS on Saturday. Arrived late in the day so many flavors were sold out. Came away with a mocha, red velvet, and coconut. INSTANT ADDICTION..all were luscious! Will be supporting this venture as well as Elegant Truffle. LIfe is getting better on the Point.

    2. Rich, buttery caramel covered in deep, dark chocolate...OH...MY...GOD. Words can not describe how good this is. The white chocolate iced lemon cookie is pretty good too, but not even close to the caramel. Sampled a jalapeno truffle. Good, bit of a tingle.

      Nessy, thank you for this find. And since I can walk down from Con Panne, it makes going to Point Loma worth the trip!!

      1. In need of a serious chocolate fix yesterday (and the need to vacate the office for a bit), I sought this place out. Upon arrival, I spied those decandent caramels described by Dining Diva below. Once I mentioned to the owner, Jennifer, why I was there, I was immediately offered a sample which was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! One of the other bakers then offered up a taste of their pumpkin amaretto cheesecake. Wow! I must have had that 'yummy' look on my face (I don't think I could speak, at this point), as Jennifer then said, "if you liked that, you need to try our Oh My God Cheesecake". Incredibly rich and chocolate the likes of Chocolate Decadence (only better), I thought I'd died and gone to heaven (appropriate, considering the name, yes?). I'll definitely be back for some of that cheesecake, but more about my mission. The caramels are made with her grandmother's recipe dating back to 1846. She even has her grandmother's copper pan, which was used to make the caramels way back when, hanging by the display cases. I took three, two to give away, and one to split up and share with a couple of co-workers. They're HUGE, and sell for $4.25, which is a steal for what you get. Buttery, thick, covered in good chocolate - it's enough for four caramels by most standards. They come covered in milk or dark chocolate, and, needless to say, I highly recommend them. She usually carries a couple of angel food cakes, and yesterday she had blueberry lemon (definitely blueberry, I *think* I'm right about the lemon) and chocolate. The truffles will have to wait for another trip, but I will be going back soon. Oh, and the ones I gave away? Devoured!

        I should also state she's quite a "foodie", so I mentioned this board.

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          That cheesecake was BEAUTIFUL. It was dense and fudgy, but somehow not so rich that I couldn't eat more than a slice. Thank goodness I only bought one slice. For a picture, take a look at my blog post about it:

        2. Finally was in the neighborhood and got a chance to try this cute little place. Let me begin by saying that I am really not a truffle/candy type of person - more of a cake girl - but the chocolate covered caramel was just as dense and devine as all of the breathless descriptions on this thread. Wow! I was hoping to try the choc. cheesecake but knew that arriving late on a Saturday afternoon my chances were slim...and they were none. Purchased the red velvet cupcake and a version of the angel food cake to take home. Unfortunately, the red velvet was a disappointment. The texture of the cake was very dense and heavy, the "cupcake" was cut in half and layered with the same coconut frosting that topped it. The frosting was also quite heavy and I felt the coconut mixed into it lent a strange texture. Maybe the layering aspect is what threw me off, but this version just didn't work for me. The angel food cake was another story...what a revelation! We sampled three flavors: Orange, Milk Chocolate and Lemon Blueberry. All were beautiful, ethereal, moist concoctions of sugar and eggwhite perfection. The fruited versions had the freshest bouquet of zested citrus without being too tangy and the chocolate version showed the perfect restraint of chocolate - heavenly sweet hints of the milk chocolate without overwhelming the delicacy of the angel food. Did I mention moist and ethereal? Absolutely perfect renditions of this heavenly cake.

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            I was there at about the same time; I must have just missed you!

            Walked out with the balance of the orange angel food cake; the slice of lemon blueberry afc; two caramels; two blueberry/blackberry dark chocolate towers. Oh my!!!