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Apr 23, 2008 01:45 PM

Long Island Vineyard Wedding~ Cheap Options with Great Food?

I am looking into getting married next fall at a vineyard on Long Island. So far my reserach has uncovered very high site fees for the more popular vineyard spots (Raphael, Bedell, Wolfer, Pellegrini, Martha Clara, Macari). Does anyone have a suggestion for a more under the radar vineyard, that does weddings for a more reasonable site fee (less than $3,000) that also has an outstanding caterer on their list of preferred options? I know...I want it all and I want it cheap! Thanks!

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  1. i don't know anything about the cost, but I attended a wedding at Martha Clara Vineyards last fall and the food and ambiance were both wonderful.

    1. I think you have to bring your own caterer to most of thos vineyards.

      1. Try the Old Field vineyard. Not some big corporation, so the fees might be a little bit more reasonable. They're the only vineyard with it's own stretch of waterfront, which is nice. Also, their sparkling white wine (champagne technique) is very, very good.

        1. Have you looked at Paumanok Vineyards? The Massoud Family are very lovely and welcoming people.

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            Thanks for the suggestions..please keep then coming!
            Paumonak is one of the vineyards we're considering, but the site fee is $3,500-$4,000. Old Field Vineyard's site fee is $7,000!!!!

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              Sorry, I should have read your post in full before responding. Channing Daughters is kind of off the radar. I did not see any site fee on their web site. I'm pretty sure the host events because I have driven past and seen the white tents set up.

          2. I have friends that did their daughter's wedding at the Vineyard Caterers. They searched many wineries and found that it was super-pricey, no matter which ones they looked at. There are also costs associated with using catering and other services specified by the chosen vineyard. Cheap and vineyard do not go together for a North Fork wedding. Many of the vineyards will only allow alcoholic beverages that is their product. This could get very expensive at $15 a bottle.
            One thought may be to get access to use part of a farm adjoining a vineyard. This gives you a lot more control allowing for a full competitive choice of catering, tents, music and all of the other extras. Going to non-North Fork situated contractors may also save you a bundle. This gets you close to wine country at a reasonable budget.