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Apr 23, 2008 01:44 PM

haozhan, london

just a quick lunch - but it was excellent.

the chef has a very, very light touch: the three glass chicken and beef in red wine sauce were both elegant and deeply satisfying. i wasn't a 100% sure how i felt about my fried dumplings - i sorta felt differently with each bite. i think the wrapper threw me off, but in a nice way.

and you have to adore a place that cooks garlic so well.

i wish i had time for a more detailed, introspective meal but that'll come soon enough.

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  1. I ate there about a month ago... also lunch. I liked the place but probably ordered the wrong dish... Malaysian beef with noodles that was OK but not of the same quality as I used to have in NYC at Penang. I'll try your chicken and beef next time. I had the dumplings, too - not the best but not bad either. I liked that it wasn't crowded when I walked in.

    1. I had a pre-theatre meal there a few months ago and loved it. I had the cod with a XO champagne sauce which was divine. Must go back and sample some more.

      1. The only letdown was the waiter's attitude when we ordered tap water, even though we ordered beers. He made some snide comment about how "foreigners" always want tap water. But the food was delicious

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          yet another lunch, yet another excellent treat. aubergine, minced pork and tofu was a revelation; even the beef chow fun was exemplary.

          this place is is sooooo incongruously placed: excellence in a row of wendys, macdonalds, hardy's etc.

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            Did you still pay the service charge? I would have had it removed...

          2. I was back again for lunch today - after a trip to Whole Foods left me drooling beyond belief. It was hard to choose a dish, so I went with the sweet and sour chicken so I could compare it to the other varieties I've had over the years. I know..very basic... but I was pleased. There's a lot to eat for £8 and the dish is fresh and light with just a slight bit of frying to the thin chicken pieces. It wasn't smothered in pineapple which was another plus. I also like that this place hasn't been full or even semi-full the two times I've been there. Things are quiet and relaxing.