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Apr 23, 2008 01:32 PM

Gordon Ramsay - The Myth of the 30 Min Meal

From Slate magazine -

A review of his new cookbook, Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food, which is not very flattering. Anyone read this cookbook? Anyone able to make the 30 minute meal? Basically, the author's comments are the same of Ramsay as has been said of Rachel Ray and others, it's easy to make a 30 min meal when others (sous chefs?) have done all the prepping, chopping, weighing, measuring - mise en place, and all you have to do is the actual kitchen tasks of sauteeing, roasting, baking, frying, etc. Comments, fellow hounds??

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  1. Thanks for that link - an interesting read. My only comment about RR is that I wish that the ingredients I need for each dish were front and center on the bottom shelf of my kitchen cupboard.

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      "So to make our chicken quesadillas, I'll just grab my cooked chicken breast, cilantro, red and green pepper, green onion - or spring onion, that's what they called it in England HAHAHA- which for some reason are all at the very front of my fridge on the same shelf, isn't that convenient? HAHAHA and come one back to the counter..."

      Yep, that on'es alway made me crazy. My vegetables are stored miles away from my meat, whether it's cooked or not. But the worst thing is the cupboard, where she literally opens one cupboard and pulls out fresh garlic, an onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil, vinegar, five spice, peanuts and rice noodles. Let me guess. It's the Asian cupboard. That is, until tomorrow's show,when it becomes the Mexican cupboard.

    2. If you watch RR she actually does her own prep. However, she does use a lot of prepared foods that she buys.

      1. The Times On Line has an archive of many Gordon Ramsay recipes. Here's the link:

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          Generally, I like watching Gordon cook - I don't mind his: DICE, SEAR, SLICE, PLATE, DONE voice overs on the F-Word at all and I liked watching him in the kitchen here. But I was distracted by all of the dishes this time. I kept thinking, "I'm glad I don't have to wash all of those dishes/pots/pans/blenders, etc."

        2. Ahha.

          You want a Brit cook who does good fast food?

          You want Nigel Slater!

          Look for "Real Rast Food", "Real Fast Puddings" and "The 30 Minute Cook"

          1. 'ey 'ove, 'ow 'bout a round of butties, bacon buddies or chip butties! 'at'll take 30 minutes!

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              You can't beat a bacon butty - with brown sauce, of course.

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                A guilty pleasure for sure. Too bad I can't get them here.