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Meat pies in Toronto

Who makes the best homemade meat pies in the GTA?

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  1. Summerhill Market makes the best chicken pot pies and turkey pot pies. High Street Fish and Chips makes all sorts of classic British meat pies that are very good.

    1. I really liked the Summerhill Market beef & mushroom pie. OTOH, I found their chicken pie extremely bland.

      1. I like the Summerhill Market cheese & broccoli chicken pot pie better than the regular chicken but we often find them (either kind) too salty although not consistently. Nice big chunks of roast chicken. Having a couple of these pies in the freezer this winter was a life-saver for us on a few occasions.

        I liked the steak & mushroom pie too but wished there were more mushrooms. I also have mixed feeling about the puff pastry, used to love it but now find it too fatty. But that's just my personal preference for the other kind of crust you find on meat pies, whatever you call it.

        Anyway, we still regularly enjoy the Summerhill pies although maybe not so often now with the nicer BBQ weather. But definitely worth checking out yourself.

        Summerhill Market
        446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

        1. Cumbrae's has a killer beef and mushroom pie!

          1. Definitely Summerhill Market. Their turkey and chicken pot pies are fantastic and have really generous portions of good quality, tender meat in them.

            I also love their tourtiere and recommend checking it out.

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              I see a lot of store made poultry and meat pies at Bruno's. Has anyone tried them?

            2. I'm not partial to chicken/turkey pot pies but I do like steak and mushroom or similar meat pies. The ones from Brick Street Bakery are great and I second the rec for Cumbrae's as well.

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                If you know someone in Hamilton get them to bring you in one of the pies from QTpies on Melvin.

              2. I'd heard good rumours about the meat pies at High Street Fish & Chips. I recently brought home one of the ground meat pies and another that was chunks of beef. I got the frozen, uncooked pies. They take about 45 minutes to cook in a 325F oven. In both cases the meat was tender, super clean, and tasty, but not spiced much beyond salt and pepper which is ok by me. The pastry was excellent, especially on the beef stew pie. Of course when pastry tastes that good I start to wonder about the transfats (no nutritional info came with the pies). I'm definitely going back for more.

                1. I had a fantastic meat pie at a Toronto FC match a couple weeks ago. Nice cut of beef (brisket like), firm mushrooms, nice potatoes and rich gravy. Much better than a slice of Pizza Pizza.