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Apr 23, 2008 12:59 PM

Where can I buy the Ritz's "Blue Sapphire Tea"?

I'm planning on doing a Mother's Day tea for the moms in my family and one of our favorites is the "Blue Sapphire" tea served at the Ritz Carlton.

Does anyone know of a place I can buy this or a similar tea?

From what I know of it - it's orange pekoe (large leaf black tea) from Sri Lanka and is blended with blue cornflower petals.

The closer to Pasadena, the better, but I will drive!


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  1. You might see if they carry it at the hotel gift shop or ask them at the restaurant if you can buy some.

    1. The Ritz has a "Request a Service" form online:

      Perhaps this will be the easiest way to contact them.

      1. From what I read their "Blue Sapphire" tea is made exclusively for them by Taylors of Harrogate. I checked the Taylors of Harrogate website and they don't sell any tea that has blue cornflower petals. Looks like the only place you'll get it is through the Ritz Carlton.

        If you Google "Blue Sapphire Tea" you see a couple websites that sell something like it with blue cornflower petals, but they might not be as good as you had at the Ritz.

        1. You might want to email Mariage Freres in Paris (they ship to the U.S.) - - and see if they sell a blend with blue cornflower petals. They seem to have hundreds of different blends. I think your chances of buying this tea at a retail store in Los Angeles, close to Pasadena or not, are virtually nil.

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            I was just browsing the Mariage Freres website and found this tea -
            Earl Grey French Blue - described as "This velvety black tea, elegant and sophisticated, is cloaked in the fragrance of fine, rare bergamot and royal blue cornflowers." Perhaps that would come close to the Ritz tea you are seeking.

            I order from the Mariage Freres website all the time - the website is a nightmare to navigate, but the tea always arrives from Paris quicker than if I had ordered from most U.S. vendors.